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Twitter is a garbage company and @jack is fawning at the feet of Fascists.

Inside Facebook and Twitter's secret meetings with Trump aides and conservative leaders who say tech is biased:

The Twitter executive convened a rare private dinner with Republican leaders and conservative commentators in Washington last week at Cafe Milano, a familiar Georgetown haunt for city power brokers, according to four people who participated in the dinner but spoke on the condition of anonymity because it was off the record. The gathering came weeks after Dorsey provoked conservatives' ire by tweeting a story suggesting voters should elect Democrats in November -- and after he made his first official visit to Congress.

Among those attending the June 19 dinner were Mercedes Schlapp, a top communications adviser for President Trump; Grover Norquist, the leader of Americans for Tax Reform; television host Greta Van Susteren, and Guy Benson, a Fox News commentator, according to the people in the room.

Dorsey hoped to use the dinner as a way to build "trust" among conservatives who have long chastised the company, three of the people said. He defended Twitter against accusations that it targeted right-leaning users unfairly but still admitted that the company has room for improvement, according to the attendees.

In response, the Twitter executive heard an earful from conservatives gathered at the table, who scoffed at the fact that Dorsey runs a platform that's supposed to be neutral even though he's tweeted about issues like immigration, gay rights and national politics. They also told Dorsey that the tech industry's efforts to improve diversity -- after years of criticism for maintaining a largely white, male workforce -- should focus on hiring engineers with more diverse political viewpoints as well, according to those who dined with him in D.C.

A spokesman for Twitter declined to comment on the dinner.

Isn't he cute, though? He's got a hipster beard and a $4.8 billion net worth, and I hear that when he's not taking obsequious meetings with literal fascists he sometimes meditates!

Fuck you, Jack, you complicit piece of shit. Grow a spine. You can probably buy one for less than a billion.

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