iOS's most egregious UI fuckery -- number 5 might surprise you by appearing 3rd!

It's baffling to me that these problems still exist. Do the developers not actually use this OS?

  1. Someone sends me a series of text messages. They hit "send" at the end of every sentence, because that's what people do and you really can't talk them out of it. My phone beeps for every single one of them. Apparently it has never occurred to any Apple employee to throttle this to, say, one beep per sender per minute.

  2. I pick up my iPad for the first time in 16 hours, having been using other devices in the meantime. I unlock it, and for 30+ seconds, I'm unable to touch any control that happens to be within the top 1" of the screen, because the iPad insists on displaying notifications for every email message and text message that has come in during the last 16 hours... holding each on the screen for a full second. No elisions like "....and 20 more mail messages". And the notifications are there even though I have already read them all on other devices.

    More generally, why the fuck are they showing me notifications that I've dismissed on other devices at all? This problem is solved by the snoopery that iCloud does: it works for iCal notifications, for example. I guess all this "push from the clown" shit is hard. Maybe they'll figure it out some day.

  3. Finally, when the iPad has come out of its notification firehose panic, I get to the desktop screen and my iMessage app icon still shows 10 unread messages. Until I click on it to launch it, at which point the message count goes to zero like it should have been all along.

  4. Several of my mailboxes permanently say "1 unread message", which is false. The only way to reset it is to delete and re-add the account. I've lost track of how many times I've done this, so I just stopped believing the unread count at all.

  5. It's over a year and at least one or maybe two major revs of the OS, and still my text messages are showing up out of order -- and not out of order in some sane way, but out of order like, it comes in now and gets inserted into the list not-at-the-bottom. Apparently whichever Apple intern is assigned to typing "ORDER BY 'date' ASC" is still trying hard to figure that shit out.

FFS, Apple.

(No, I'm not interested in hearing about Android's differently-fuckery. I'm sure it's lovely.)

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