TicketBastard wants your biometrics

By partnering with a face recognition maker, it could eventually allow you to enter venues without a ticket.

Its parent company Live Nation, has announced that the ticket sales giant has teamed up with and invested in a face recognition company called Blink Identity. In its first quarter financial report (PDF), Live Nation has explained that Blink has "cutting-edge facial recognition technology, enabling you to associate your digital ticket with your image, then just walk into the show." [...]

Further, if Ticketmaster collects data on facial recognition, then that's one more potential source for the government's surveillance efforts. It doesn't help that Blink spent a decade developing and deploying large scale biometric identification systems for the Department of Defense.

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9 Responses:

  1. jer says:

    What's with the awkward comma?

    Its parent company Live Nation,[awkward comma] has announced [..]

    Blink has "cutting-edge facial recognition technology,[awkward comma] enabling you [...]"

    What is wrong with "face recognition" anyway? We don't say "textual recognition" either, and since "facial" is used,[awkward comma] as a noun with several meanings,[awkward comma] these days, why make it so complicated? It's a face: you recognise it.

  2. millettjon says:

    China is already doing facial id at concerts facial recognition identified suspect

  3. Zygo says:

    Identical twins will never buy concert tickets without jumping through arcane technical hoops again.

  4. thielges says:

    Yeah cuz buying a physical ticket / printing out a ticket showing the emailed ticket on my phone is such a hassle that that I don’t go to shows anymore. And where are those drones to bring my drink up to the front row? Life is so hard.

  5. MattyJ says:

    This is just a new way to enforce a venue's no hats policy. I'm not sure they needed to be so draconian about it.

  6. jwz says:

    Elsewhere, someone said:

    So any operation using ticketbastard will have nastybad cameras wired into a Basilisk Stare network with autonomous target identification and a side business as the prime exhibit in every divorce case.

    All I wanted was a plastic cup full of gin and postpunkabilly-booty-vaporwave band, but now I'm getting ads for skin cancer treatment because the camera at the door thought I looked blotchy, and the boys in the Moldovan Troll farm can sell my whereabouts to the house robbers. Wheeeeeeee.

  7. It is possible that this could make it so that tickets aren't easily transferable. That seems to already be the point of saying that you have to present the same credit card that purchased the tickets when you pick them up. If that made it so that tickets were actually listed at their actual price and not marked up and down by scalpers and promoters, that might be a benefit to the consumer.

    But do I believe for a second that one of these evil bastard companies is doing this for my benefit?

    Hell, no.

    • jwz says:

      Saying that Ticketmaster is fully complicit with scalping is kind of missing the point: their business is scalping.

      It's like complaining that a human-skin-eating robot is eating human skin.

      But hey, it's what the market will bear, right? We mustn't argue with the Invisible Hand. If Lazlo Hollyfeld says that tickets should be $600 then by golly that's ethical and correct. "I should win thirty-two point six percent of the prizes, including the car."

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