The Chronicle isn't very good at this "journalism" shit.

Jane Kim: It's oppo dump time.

If you aren't familiar with the term, it's what happens when a rival campaign collects opposition research and dumps it into the hands of a journalist eager to make a saucy headline.

This oppo dump closely follows billionaire Ron Conway launching his negative attacks and it means the same thing: our campaign has real momentum. [...]

  • You're listed in records at the secretary of state's office as the agent of service for Ivy Enterprises, a subsidiary of Kiss that your father helped found. Were you paid to do that and if so, why don't you report that income?

    That's not me; it is a different Jane Kim. Kim is actually a very common Korean name. Even though we received these questions less than 24 hours ago, my team Googled "Jane Kim" and "Ivy Enterprises," called the company and spoke to this other Jane Kim who confirmed her employment. I would suggest the Chronicle also verify information received from opposition research in the future. [...]

  • What would it normally cost to hire a lawyer to do that?

    I have no idea. Ask the other Jane Kim.

Reminder: find out what Vulture Capitalist Ron Conway wants, and always do the opposite. He is the "AirBnB Lobby", and was the hand firmly lodged up Ed Lee's butt. The fact that he is endorsing London Breed means that he owns her, and that he can rely on her to continue facilitating his companies' raiding of the commons for private enrichment.

Conway funds nasty attack ad on Jane Kim:

Ron Conway, the tech titan, plutocrat, and political bully, said in March that he was "too busy" to get involved in the SF Mayor's race. He had already endorsed London Breed, but his strong-arm antics have made him unpopular in some parts of town, and Breed has made an effort to say she is not his pawn.

But apparently Conway's wife, Gayle -- whose wealth comes largely as a result of her marriage -- is not too busy. She has just funded a new independent expenditure committee that is attacking Sup. Jane Kim. [...] The ad says that it has "major funding" from Gayle Conway. The Chron reports that Gayle Conway put up $200,000. [...]

The reality is that Conway opposes Kim and supports Breed because Kim has voted to more tightly regulate Airbnb and other companies that Conway has invested in, and Breed has voted against those regulations.

Conway email tells allies how to put unlimited corporate money into supporting London Breed:

In the letter, he essentially tells donors how to get around campaign finance rules and run unlimited corporate and individual money through a state PAC, Progress SF, which will then donate it to independent-expenditure committees supporting Breed.

You may remember Conway from such 2016, 2015 and 2014 hits as:

Tech Billionaire Ron Conway Getting "Every Tech Employer" To Send Workers His Voter Guide:

While yes it is technically legal it is hella shady. The main difference between an activist group or a union sending out a voter guide is that they do not employ the people they are targeting. Ron Conway has invested in over 500 tech companies and while none of those are listed in the letter, the "and many others" obviously implies he will be sending this to the CEOs of the companies who need Ron Conway's money for more backing. That is some fucked up shit!

It's also shady that he's asking the CEOs pretend that it's just some random voter guide they came across instead of one sent to them BY THE GUY WHO PAYS THEM MONEY. Come on Ron we knew you were a slimy creep but this is taking it too far.

What kind of slimy creep? I'm glad you asked! Ron Conway is also the guy who bank rolled Ed Lee's Reelection campaign -- after Ed Lee enacted tax breaks for the companies Ron Conway invests in (like twitter and AirBnB). Ron Conway also drops hundreds of thousands of dollars into local campaigns to smear the reputations of solid progressive candidates who are running against people Conway backs. Independent expenditure committees funded by Conway have put out propaganda in this election suggesting that a vote for Jane Kim is an endorsement of domestic violence. He did the same thing against David Campos in 2014.

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  1. Rev Matt says:

    I mean, the Chron was a worthless hack piece of shit where incompetents and partisans went to blabber their nonsense and be ignored by everyone back when I was in high school in the '80's, glad to see it hasn't changed at all. Laziest goddamn reporter there though "I'm just going to forward the talking points of her opponent and call myself a reporter." Needs to be fired from ever working in media again.

    • MattyJ says:

      I like the part where Kim schools the 'reporter', and yet the reporter just asks another asinine question.

      • jwz says:

        All the questions were submitted at once.

        • MattyJ says:

          Ah. TL;DR the original article. I'm averse to giving the chron my clicks but didn't hover the link to see that it goes to a reputable place.

        • Thomas Lord says:

          Don't be disappointed. The reporter went on to unself-critically double down on twitter after Kim published her piece.

  2. MattyJ says:

    BTW, where is Broke-Ass Stewart in all of this? Last time around I was like 'What a joker', now I'm like 'I want to vote for that guy'.

  3. The part with the other Jane Kim was cherce.

  4. Bob Jones says:

    I like Breed's breasts, but they are weird-looking.

  5. Sheila Marie says:

    It's like it's the "Quiet Part Out Loud" month. Mick Mulvaney Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

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