Lorem Ipsum Party states their case

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7 Responses:

  1. robert_ says:

    As the saying goes, the act of wanting to run for office should automatically disqualify you.

  2. rc says:

    Unbelievable! You, [Subject Name Here], must be the pride of [Subject Hometown Here].

  3. Will says:

    Welcome to local election communication on behalf of the British Unionist and Conservative party. The loyal party of government on behalf of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II...

  4. thielges says:

    The California primary voter guide arrived today. Governor candidate Johnny Wattenburg’s statement reads simply “why not?”

    • Nathan Roberts says:

      Back during that shitshow of a recall campaign, one candidate summed up the situation by submitting as his qualifications, "I breathe."

  5. Other Jamie says:

    This platform moods me. I wasn't going to vote this time, but after reading that statement, I believe some things to be true.