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"Project Maven" is the DARPA boondoggle by which Google has become a defense contractor (the one that has gotten some press because a dozen or so Google employees recently resigned over it).

It's a gigantic boondoggle, so it's not clear what all falls under its umbrella, but it sounds like something like, "We have collected so much data with our Cybers, why can't I hold all these limes? Maybe rub some of that AI or the Neurals onto it??"

Which probably translates to, "Take your ad-targetting snake-oil and repurpose it to execute brown people with drones". You know, kind of like how Wehrner von Braun aimed for the stars, but mostly hit London.

So, this is their logo.

The motto is something like, "we're here to help".

In a long history of DOD mission patches... this is certainly one of them.

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9 Responses:

  1. ennui says:

    officium nostrum est ad-ware

  2. MattyJ says:

    But will the trains run on time?

  3. Nia Psaka says:

    They're from the Pentagon, and they're here to help? That is some spectacularly goofy heraldry. Are they building the Computer from the RPG Paranoia?

  4. Web Guy says:

    n-gate quality posting. hats-off!

  5. thielges says:

    Exhibit B of that “why can’t I hold all these limes?” page reminds me of a Peaches show last year. Before the show started I joked “Bet she’s got 3 boobs” to my wife. Sure enough about 30 minutes into the set she takes her top off to reveal ... 5 boobs.

  6. Chad D Altenburg says:

    The firm I work for also employs some of the leading AI Research Scientists. But to the best of my knowledge, our CEO has kept it confined having it learn executives and senior executives something or other.

  7. jwz says:

    Webshit Weekly:

    AI at Google: our principles
    Having been shamed into walking away from a lucrative murder automation contract, The Google of Google blogs about how that was totally the plan from the beginning, you guys. The article contains a weasel-worded declaration of intent to avoid surveillance, which contains so many qualifications and escape hatches that it must have taken days to type through the tears of laughter. Hackernews can't decide if they buy this bullshit; on the one hand, this document is so transparently meaningless as to be obvious public relations fodder, but on the other hand, Hackernews isn't really sure how to exist without function (i, s, o, g, r, a, m) so it's probably best not to rock the boat too much. See you at Google I/O! Until they rename it to better align with brand values, after which: see you at Google C4ISR!

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