How To Impregnate a Rhino

Since rhinos are so large, ultrasound won't work through their bellies or flanks.

You have to go in through the rectum, which means there is, quite literally, a lot of shit in the way. The rhinos' trainers have conditioned each animal to defecate in the yard before the procedure, but Pennington and Durrant still have to spend a fair amount of time scooping poop out. Once they're done, they insert a rounded probe that's the size of two fingers, and is taped to a foot-long long PVC pipe.

The pipe, I suggest to Pennington, surely means that your arm's not going in there.

"Oh, it is," she tells me. A rhino's ovaries lie deep within its body, and the left one, for some reason, lies deeper than the right. For the left ovary, Pennington typically ends up shoulder-deep in rhino. The animals aren't sedated during any of this, but they seem unperturbed. "I'm sure the sensation is very odd at first," says Pennington, "but the size of their fecal boluses are definitely larger than the diameter of our arms."

It helps that white rhinos are docile and sociable by nature. "They're like big puppy dogs, who just want to be petted," says Pennington. "They'll kick a leg out when you're scratching their belly, and you're afraid they'll fall over because they really get into it."

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Voter Guide

The June 2018 BAS Voter Guide:

Seeing as the election is less than a month [week] away we figured it was time to put out our voter guide help you decide who and what to vote for on Tuesday, June 5th 2018. Absentee ballots should be hitting your mailboxes very soon so you can look at this guide while filling yours out, or print it to take to the booth on election day.

These are all solid recommendations.

I'm on the fence about Leno or Kim as first choice or second choice; I'd be happy with either of them. The important thing is that you not vote for Breed, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ron Conway.

Where the mayoral candidates stood on regulating Airbnb:

In 2015, activists put a measure on the ballot, Prop. F, that would have blocked illegal listings. State Sen. Mark Leno supported it. So did Sup. Jane Kim. Sup. London Breed did not. [...]

By the time SF finally cracked down, Airbnb was an international monster of a company, with so much revenue that San Francisco didn't matter as much. Conway will get his huge windfall, the damage to the local housing stock was done (the people who were evicted to make room for illegal Airbnb units are gone) -- and now everyone in town wants to say they were tough on tech companies. (I'm sure David Chiu and Scott Wiener will use the same argument in future campaigns.)

But there is an actual record here.

(And don't just select the same name three times: that's not how ranked-choice voting works.)

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