Kansas cops can't have sex during traffic stops

The new law bans sexual relations "during the course of a traffic stop, a custodial interrogation, an interview in connection with an investigation, or while the law enforcement officer has such person detained."

Kansas was one of 33 states where consensual sex between police and people in their custody wasn't a crime.

That came as a surprise to members of the House Judiciary Committee, who got the new law passed in a bundled bill with several other law-enforcement measures. Gov. Jeff Colyer signed it into law Thursday.

She said it spun off the case of Lamonte McIntyre, a Kansas City, Kan., man released last year after spending 23 years in prison for a double murder he didn't commit.

The investigation in that case led to multiple affidavits alleging that the detective who made the arrest, Roger Golubski, had a long history of coercing sex from women in Kansas City's black community by threatening to arrest them or their relatives if they didn't comply.

Holscher said she was also moved by a case in New York where a teenager claimed she had been raped by two police officers in the back of their van, but no charges were filed because the officers claimed the sex was consensual and therefore legal.

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Timeless just wrapped up its 2nd season, and it is a great show. You should watch it! It hasn't yet been picked up for a 3rd season, and I hope that it is.

But that's not going to stop me from making fun of their computer displays, because come on you guys, it's not hard to do latitude and longitude correctly -- it's right there on your phone...

That first one is supposed to be "San Francisco, today" (which probably means "early 2017", and somewhere in The Presidio or Marin). So first of all, I think it's a safe bet that if there's a season 3, they're going to 1934 Argentina. Or at least there's a post-it note on the writers' room wall that says that. But, the coordinates are wrong! +41.881412, -87.71697 is in the middle of Chicago. If you flip the sign on the latitude it's closer to Argentina, but still about a thousand miles out in the Pacific. (I do appreciate the overlay window running xmatrix, though.)

The second one is actually supposed to be 1888 San Francisco (and why doesn't that one display the day and month?) but the coordinates are differently wrong. +38.881010,-57.75649 is over a thousand miles out into the Atlantic. Flip the sign on the latitude and... we're back in Argentina!

Now maybe after all their mucking about with history, the current Timeless universe measures latitude and longitude in different units, or has a different prime meridian or something, but I don't see a coordinate system that makes both the Argentina and San Francisco points line up. They're not off by a consistent amount or even in the same direction.

Bad illustrator, no time machine for you!

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