Wifi Jesus hears your prayers at 2.4 GHz.

"They hid it in the mind of Jesus from Świebodzin!"

The reporters proceeded to contact the Divine Mercy Parish that oversees the statue to ask if the space on top of Jesus's head is available for rent. A spokesperson said that wasn't an option, prompting the reporters to ask what is going on with the antennas. The spokesperson said they knew nothing about it. [...]

He refused to disclose the details of the contract, but said that the local church needed the network for a video surveillance system, adding that the agreement is completely legal.

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6 Responses:

  1. Cid says:


  2. phuzz says:

    Some churches in the UK have cell phone towers hidden in/on the tower.

  3. NT says:

    the Fourth Stigmata

  4. JJK says:

    heh ... now he looks like the less creepy version of the Burger King...

    mmm ... getting a little hungry, reminds me of this tale...

  5. Zygo says:

    Wait, He doesn't listen at 5 GHz too?

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