Lađie̶s̶ and gentlemen, NaN Mi.

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  1. Mildred Bonk says:

    Great, now I want banh mi.

  2. The non-Euclidian railway service is going swimmingly.

    • Philip Guenther says:

      "Is this the Green Line?"
      "No, this is the Blue-black Sierpinkski Triangle. It intersects the Green line infinitely many times if you take it in the up-westish direction."

  3. Jan Kujawa says:

    A Vietnamese-Indian fusion sandwich shop might do well in SF.

  4. tfb says:

    Why is the ?label? at the bottom of the sign reversed?

  5. Rich says:

    More interesting is why did the Mi(nutes?) calculation come out as NaN? I've often wondered how they calculate the number of minutes until the next train arrives. Could they really be calculating the speed of the train as it passes markers at known distances away and evaluating time = distance/speed? Ladies and gentlemen, the train has stopped and our software didn't check for division by zero.

    • rc says:

      It's possible that the sign is meant to be fed seconds (or nanoseconds, when Apple eventually buys the NY metro) until the train arrives, and is supposed to convert it to minutes.

      If we assume that the sign is powered by JavaECMAscript, it might be trying to do seconds / 60. But if seconds is undefined or a string:

      Which is possible if the sign is unexpectedly treating an announcement as train data...

      • jwz says:

        Uh huh, now explain the unicrud and the backwards sticker.

        • Andrew says:

          I like how someone apparently took the time to scrape off the offensive part of the sticker, and then called it a day

          • Pavel says:

            This was probably done by a non-employee. I've pulled stickers off, and removed various bits of graffiti from time to time myself, and I'm not going to peel a whole thing off if damaging just part of it gets the job done.

        • Pavel says:

          That's not unicrud! That's just a The hiding behind Ladies!

          Now I suppose you think yourself very clever and ask me to explain the superimposed text, but the MTA is stupid and broken all the way down, young man!

  6. Nick Lamb says:

    It bugs me that the electronic sign at the station I'll pass through tonight (in the less fancy bit of St Pancras) doesn't use its half-blocks to make a nice capital S. Is their font bad? Are the necessary half-blocks in the electronic sign actually wired together despite being physically distinct?

    Every other station I use has (boring but effective) dot matrix but the departures to the Midlands from St Pancras have their own special (presumably custom built last century) electronic sign with like 6x4 blocks per character and some of those split diagonally in half. Some letters use the halves to give a better shape but never S and I can't see why.

    Everything else that bugs me about this route I've either rationalised or had explained to me (e.g. they have four platforms and maybe ten trains per hour yet two trains leave from my platform in quick succession, both boarding simultaneously, invariably meaning someone gets the wrong train - but I see now why it makes operational sense for them to do this despite the inconvenience to customers) but the capital S remains unexplained.

  7. rolff says:

    Backwards 'Love Yourself' sticker is to compact/make-up mirror as backwards 'ambulance' is to rear vision mirror.

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