Suspected thieves, found in possession of school bus full of bikes, quickly released

"These are not the bikes you're looking for. He can go about his business. Move along."

In the course of carrying out that arrest, police additionally seized a small school bus that was filled with bicycles; they believe the bus to be a mobile "chop shop" where stolen bicycles are reconstructed for sale. [...]

One of the three men was booked for grand theft, possession of stolen property, and conspiracy. The other two were booked for possession of stolen property and conspiracy.

And yet, despite being in possession of a stolen motor vehicle and the eye-catching yellow bus full of bikes, all of them were free within 48 hours and their charges were dismissed.

Banner police work there, SFPD. Really top notch.

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5 Responses:

  1. Reason 4,932 that I don't miss SF.

  2. Bob Jones says:

    Wait, now beaners getting away with crimes is bad?

    Who knew..

    • jwz says:

      Ladies and Gentlemen, the Internet of 2018.

      Wanna bet this racist piece of shit found my blog because he's a big Destroyer666 fan?

  3. MattyJ says:

    I might be interested in reading the court documents that outlined why all the charges were dropped, if I didn't think they'd enrage me.

  4. Bryan says:

    Pretty easy to spot chop shops and in progress thieving (dude riding a bike while holding, rolling another bike...) in that area. Once my bike was stolen and I found it locked to a homeless guy's cart a few blocks away a few days later. He admitted to buying it from so-and-so on 16th who steals bikes. I ended up giving the guy $20 (how much he said he bought it for) to get it back.

    I've heard plenty of car break-ins in progress while in my van.. Stopped one guy from busting my window by banging on my van wall after he tried to open a few of my doors (though he broke my side mirror after the warning.. such a nice guy). For the most part folks around there know vans are not a great target since someone may be inside (thieves in Oakland aren't so scared..).

    Not sure how I feel about Department of Public Works approach to cleaning up. Saw, heard it happen once while in the van. Seemed like very little warning (maybe 15m? though maybe there was prior warning or signage I didn't notice) before they started chucking folks' possessions onto a flatbed.

    Don't understand how they didn't have, get enough evidence.

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