jwz mixtape 193

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 193.

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  1. Nia Psaka says:

    Speaking as an old fart that doesn't know who anybody is, thoughts from a single listen-through:
    You got my hopes up with the first several.
    The first two are well-balanced pop. Good, solid rhythm section work.
    That third one (something about witches?) is brilliantly constructed.
    After the first four, by comparison, I kind of wanted to slap the producer of the fifth one ("spring has sprung"?) How high did they mix those clicks? But it's cute.
    Who's the seventh one? The vocals seem to jump between a few different strands of UK pop.
    The gothy guitar band among the tombs remind me of bands of my youth. Pretty good.
    Um, the video with the faceless naked prop humans. Good guitar!
    Then, the four-minute psychedelic/trance thing is OK. I like some of the stunts their guitarist pulls off.
    Next: Oh boy, vocal distortion. My old ears are getting tired. Wait, this got interesting.
    That VR one was something. Good music, interesting video.
    The next one feels like it's trying to be clever a little much. OK, though.
    I'm going to ignore this video with the president masks. Back to very good pop composition here. I like the almost Eurythmics-like vocal mixing near the end.
    I like this next one. Lots of echo effects, well done, balanced with the bluesy vocals.
    Ooh, drums!

    ...and then I accidentally clicked away. OK, long story short, I like your taste mostly.