You probably need a Dazzle Tie.

This is mine. There are 49 others like it, but this is mine.

It is by Not a Brand Just Ties.

Incidentally, I have a powerful need for this Alexander McQueen dazzle suit from his 2016 collection, but I can't find anyone who will sell it to me. I have an eBay search set up; no hits.

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6 Responses:

  1. XuppdduX says:

    Yea, yo high school was a gas. The place where you were instructed to stand up in the front of your Geometry class to verbally compose your very own personal proof theorem.
    You say “This is mine.”, which triggered the thought of what I said, “Deeze are mine”. After the class’s wall shaking laughter subsided, and the principal left, I had to clarify that that deeze could be books ,pencils, paper ,etc.
    You say “There are 49 others like it, “. I say no one else has them.
    You say “but this is mine”. I say “Therefore these are mine.”

  2. Joe Crawford says:

    The designer of those fetching dazzle suits was Alexander McQueen Creative Director Sarah Burton (McQueen himself died in 2010).

  3. ducksauz says:

    JWZ, did you order direct from them? If so, how did you pay, as they apparently don't take credit cards.

  4. Andrew Klossner says:

    About that suit, you've checked with the local store?

  5. Florian says:

    Ordered mine yesterday, thanks for the recommendation.