Match Ball

"I was playing around with matches one day and thought about how the heads of matches are slightly larger than the bodies. It got me wondering what would happen if I started gluing them together and never stopped."

"And here is our final result. Green has turned to black, potential has turned to spent, and I am never doing this again."

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15 Responses:

  1. Waider says:

    That's no moon!

  2. emeb says:

    The Genesis Effect.

  3. Rich says:

    Okay but what sort of a -hedron is that?

  4. phuzz says:

    Would have got bonus points if they'd used different colour matches to make it look like the Deathstar.

  5. J. Peterson says:

    I'm impressed the sphere didn't fall apart while burning. I expected the glue to melt or some other structural failure.

    • jwz says:

      He said in a comment elsewhere that he attributed that to the glue being low on the match stick, which didn't burn.

  6. Karellen says:

    If that dude ever goes camping, I hope he takes a course on how to light a match and use it to start a fire first, because otherwise he might catch a really nasty disease from not being able to boil his drinking water.

  7. moof says:

    I eagerly await the "match head ball ignition simulator" module for xscreensaver.

  8. @bizzyunderscore says:

    i was unreasonably upset that he didn't light it from the bottom

    • Tristan says:

      Also a missed opportunity to rub the striker strip on the ball instead of using another match.

  9. Joe Luser says:

    good thing he didn't save just one last match to light it.

  10. Doodpants says:

    I was disappointed that he used an additional match to light the ball, rather than striking the side of the box against the ball itself.

    • Doodpants says:

      Dang it, Tristan already said that. Guess I should read the comments before posting my own...

  11. Graham says:

    A Scottish artist, David Mach, has been using this for sculptures for a while.

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