An oral history of Stargate SG-1

The Air Force loved it, apparently:

We used to go down and shoot exteriors at the real Cheyenne Mountain base. They took us around on a tour [and] there's a door in the back that says "Top Secret Stargate." They really embraced it. [...]

Not one but two Air Force Chiefs of Staff played the role of Air Force Chief of Staff in scenes in SG-1, which I thought was hilarious. [...] When General Jumper took over from [General Ryan], his aide said, at one point, one of the first things [Jumper] said when he took office was, "when do I get to be on Stargate?" They actually sent us the speeches that he had given as kind of an audition tape. [...]

Glassner: The funniest one was there's this sequence where the team goes to Area 51 and it's Teal'c and O'Neill and O'Neill says, "is this where you keep the little green men?"

The Air Force called us and said, "there are no aliens at Area 51." We said, "we're not saying there are. Jack is just asking a question."

They said, "there are no aliens at Area 51, period." We said okay, it was a joke so I went back to them the next day and said, "how about if Jack says present company excluded, talking about Teal'c, and accepts that there are no little green men there?" and they said that's fine.

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  1. Phil H says:

    Here's another one for the archives. Interesting building, this one is. Odd tenants.

  2. I got all excited but then on the second episode they power the Stargate from a car battery.

  3. apm74 says:

    Glad that's settled then.

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