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46 tons of Mardi Gras beads found in clogged catch basins:

Since late September, crews working under a $7 million emergency contract have flushed out 15,000 clogged catch basins - nearly one-fourth of the city's full roster of about 68,000. Using almost two dozen vacuum trucks, crews working for Baton Rouge-based Compliance EnviroSystems managed to collect around 7.2 million pounds of debris from Sept. 26 to Jan. 23. What's more, the 93,000 pounds of Mardi Gras beads were all found on St. Charles between Poydras Street and Lee Circle.

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5 Responses:

  1. Happen Muche says:

    Do you support the election of the racist mayor?

  2. Nick Lamb says:

    Good news here is that, unlike in many older cities (including your lovely San Francisco) New Orleans does not have combined sewers, blockages in this drainage system can't cause your toilet to stop working or fill the sink in your basement flat with disgusting brown mystery fluid. They can flood entire districts of the city, but hey, at least the toilet still flushes.

  3. Bob Plankers says:

    St. Charles is the main Mardi Gras parade route, and that particular 5 block stretch of road has barricades that prevent people from retrieving strands of beads that end up on the ground. Not really surprising that they end up in the storm sewers. What continues to surprise, and probably shouldn’t, is the level of incompetence and corruption in NOLA that has kept this obvious maintenance task from being a routine maintenance task. It isn’t some big secret, the parades that cause this.

  4. Frandroid Atreides says:

    You'd think they'd figure out that candy beads, which melt, would be better overall.

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