My 50 most popular blog posts from 2017. "Number 15 might surprise you!"

(Actually, a lot of it surprises me.)

42: Tentacle heart
(from 2014!)
41: WordPress migration mostly complete
(from 2010! So obsolete!)
9: Poetica Vaginal
(from 2010!)
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7 Responses:

  1. nooj says:

    Ranked by page loads? Number of reposts?

    What if we control for number of times the page appeared as a "previously"?

    • jwz says:

      By hits on the HTML page.

      Please do share with us what your further research reveals.

      Someone (who is not me) ought to do some clustering on the previouslies and tags. That would reveal "shadow profiles" of tags that do not exist but should.

  2. bq Mackintosh says:

    That They Live and the secret history of the Mozilla logo doesn't rank as the unqualified winner is further evidence that internet is constructed of philistines all the way down.

  3. cxed says:

    Also (at least for 2018) you need to control for people (like me) who are checking these links out from this post. And yes, the internet is weird.

  4. Cat Mara says:

    #5: A round-up on why Uber is awful

    Of all the articles posted here, I imagine this would be the one for which the updates would be longer than the original... and it's only been up 10 months.