Lyft: Still trying to catch up to Uber in their utter contempt for their customers and the rule of law.

Former employees say Lyft staffers spied on passengers:

Similar to Uber's "God View" scandal, Lyft staffers have been abusing customer insight software to view the personal contact info and ride history of the startup's passengers. One source that formerly worked with Lyft tells TechCrunch that widespread access to the company's backend let staffers "see pretty much everything including feedback, and yes, pick up and drop off coordinates."

When asked if staffers, ranging from core team members to customer service reps, abused this privilege, the source said "Hell yes. I definitely looked at my friends' rider history and looked at what drivers said about them. I never got in trouble." [...]

They claimed that staffers could use Lyft's backend software to view unmasked personally identifiable information. This was said to be used to look up ex-lovers, check where their significant others were riding and to stalk people they found attractive who shared a Lyft Line with them. Staffers also could see who had bad ratings from drivers, or even look up the phone numbers of celebrities. One staffer apparently bragged about obtaining Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's phone number.

Don't fool yourself that Lyft is any better than Uber: While Uber is a 12-alarm fratboy dumpster fire of a company, Lyft is still at least a 3-alarm dumpster fire. They don't get as much bad press because they have a smaller market share, and so they make less good click-bait.

Both companies are morally bankrupt. Both companies' business models are best described as "insurance fraud".

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3 Responses:

  1. MattyJ says:

    The last straw was when Lyft turned off the headlights on the van-on-a-stick. Fuck them.

  2. Happen Muche says:

    So what you're saying is- tech companies should implement strictly enforced regulations on what their employees do, and any violators should be fired?

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