Achievement unlocked!

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  1. Adolf Osborne says:


  2. g051051 says:

    How did this come about? Was it difficult/expensive? Was it everything you hoped it would be, and more?

  3. margaret says:


  4. MattyJ says:

    NOICE. On a semi-uncrowded rainy day, to boot. Blue Bayou is for chumps.

  5. E says:


  6. o.o says:

    What are we looking at?

  7. Mbourgon says:

    Congrats! That looks awesome, and I'm super jealous.

  8. "Le Salon Nouveau contains the original antique-style glass lift which was used prior to the 2014 remodel to take guests to Club 33's second level.[6] The lift was an exact replica of one Disney saw during a vacation in Paris, but the owner of the original refused to sell. Undaunted, Disney sent a team of engineers to the Parisian hotel to take exact measurements for use in the creation of a replica. A sample of the original finish was taken to ensure faithful reproduction.'"

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