DNA Lounge: Wherein there are photos and a smattering of anecdotes.

Hello and welcome to 2018. Aren't you glad to have finally kicked to the curb that unrelenting shitshow known as 2017? Me too.

(This is where 2018 says "Hold my beer".)

So, if you're not doing anything this afternoon, and/or you don't like wearing pants, we are again the official before- and after-party of the 17th Annual No Pants Subway Ride! Help maintain our town's level of WTFfery.

This Friday: Hubba Hubba's tribute to moose, beaver and functional democracy, the "Oh, Canada!" show. If all goes according to plan, DNA Pizza will be serving poutine that evening.

Recent highlights: the Skating Polly show was fantastic. You should check them out.

Hotline was great fun as always, though it unfortunately suffered the attendance curse of being on the Friday of New Year's weekend. They brought in a snow machine! It looked amazing, but I'm afraid to ask what the "snow" was made of.

Every year, Bootie's NYE flyer contains references to a selection of the year's trending topics, and this year they included The Monopoly Man, the "cause-player" famous for photo-bombing the Equifax hearings, among other recent kleptocratic antics. When I noticed that, I messaged them on Twitter saying, "Hey look, you're on our flyer!" They responded, "Awesome, are you flying me out?" And A+D decided that the answer was yes! So that's awesome.

As I mentioned last time, December and January are typically really slow months for us: we're open less, and far fewer people show up. So now would be a fantastic time for you to contribute to our Patreon. I know a lot of people have it rough at the end of the year, but it's always worrying when I see a bunch of our patrons editing their pledges downward, without new members joining in. Our monthly Patreon pledges have actually dropped several hundred bucks a month since October, and we've had only a couple of new sign-ups in months.

Back in April I lamented how I don't really know how to promote the Patreon, and wouldn't it be awesome if someone with some graphic design and/or marketing skill could help out with that, but that person has not yet materialized, so as with so many things, I guess if I don't do it, it won't get done... so I half-assed it. Which is better than no-assing it. I just picked some amusing photos from our gallery and slapped "SUPPORT DNA LOUNGE" and the Patreon URL on them, and started posting those once a day.

So, when you see those go by, please give them a Share or RT or whatnot. With the way the social mediators work these days, nobody's going to see them if other people don't muster up some "engagement".

I haven't done a photo gallery dump since mid-November, so here it is!

So Stoked: Graveyard
Dead Boys
Riddim Hours
Skating Polly

Turbo Drive: Gost
Turbo Drive: Betamaxx
Monday Hubba: Klowns
Death Guild
Bootie: Santacon

Hubba Holiday Spectacular
Pumpkin Spice Bootie
Bootie: Star Wars Holiday Special
Bootie NYE