This is fine.

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  1. Ryan Steele says:

    Geez, hope they got the insurance.

    Also, is it just me, or is not updating with your latest posts?

    • dzm says:

      is it just me, or is not updating with your latest posts?

      I see that a lot too. I think, somehow, that jwz's WordPress is doing heavy caching of the HTML output, or my user-agent (FF lately) is doing heavy caching. Frequently hours will go by where posts (or comments) will say they were posted "2 minutes ago". Then, magically, the HTML updates and the thing was posted "16 hours ago" and there are more comments.

      Sooo ... No, not just you.

      • jwz says:

        I am using WP Super Cache with essentially default settings. If someone who understands such things has alternate setting suggestions, I'm all ears.

        • dzm says:

          It's all gobbledygook to me. I've never run WordPress.

          I'm just glad to know it's not isolated to me. I can't tell you how many times I've sat here hitting Shift+Reload and nerd raging that MAYBE my local cache isn't flushing and getting new content.

        • dzm says:

          This is a total stab in the dark, but after trawling through that page I'm guessing that you have some aggressive numbers in the Garbage Collection section. If they're something other than this:

          If your site gets regular updates, or comments then set the timeout to 1800 seconds, and set the timer to 600 seconds.

          then maybe the numbers here (from their page) will help. Or perhaps smaller numbers.

      • Nick says:

        The # of comments on the main page is almost never right. There's 4 on here now but the main page says 3.

        • Nick says:

          Oh, I just made the previous comment and it immediately updated to 4 even though there's now 5

      • jwz says:

        Ok, I updated the settings to Cache Timeout 60, Timer 90.

        I'm not 100% sure I understand what those mean, but I think it means that the "Recent Comments" part on any page will never be more than 90 seconds out of date? And that if I were getting 1 hit per second on a given page, in 3 minutes, the PHP code will run twice and a cached page will be served 178 times. I think?

        • dzm says:

          Seems legit. Maybe. I think.

          • dzm says:

            FYI - the new settings seem to be working well, At least from what I can see from my tiny corner of the Interwebs.

            • dzm says:

              And now the caching is out of control again. Pages are being served that are 12 hours out of date ("At 8:29pm, Two hours ago").

  2. Tim says:

    Also in recent "this is fine" news:

    #This aint no technological breakdown...

  3. Mark Crane says:

    As of December 8th, this is the latest post that I'm seeing.