Install a majestic artistic fountain on top of the Salesforce tower

The San Francisco skyline has been forever changed by the large erect Salesforce tower thrusting up into the heavens.

While it is a glorious sight to behold, I think we can make it better!! I propose to install an artistic fountain at the tip of the tower (above the shaft). To conserve water we will build 2 large spherical water tanks at the base of the tower that will collect and recycle the water as it flows down the shaft of the building.

Please sign this petition to show your support for helping us beautify the tower and the skyline!

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3 Responses:

  1. Fan says:

    Wow this is true art!

  2. Steve Allen says:

    but I thought that Ayn Rand was dead

  3. Thomas Lord says:

    I like the archaic usage better: "Now that we have seen the large Salesforce erection, tallest, 1st and right on Mission, not even the sky appears the same. Yet, for all its tapered grace and indisputably unmatched dimension, there is something anti-climatic about its tip. It has thrust its way into the social space but it is not quite there yet."

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