Infra-Fred is no more

This fabulous, ancient sign has been taken down. I am beside myself with grief. I rode by this thing damned near every day, and every day I looked up and thought, "Hey there, Infra-Fred! Looking sharp!"

Infra-Fred always replied, "FINISH HIM!"

I don't know what the new business on this lot is, but I do know that if they have no room for Infra-Fred in their hearts, and more importantly, on their pole, then they are no friends of mine.

RIP, Infra-Fred. Ride eternal, shiny and quartz.

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5 Responses:

  1. emeb says:

    Perhaps they'd give you the sign?

  2. I believe that was an old Earl Scheib sign.

    • MattyJ says:

      Oh yes! I'm pretty sure that's Earl. Growing up in the midwest in the 70's, I'm very familiar with Earl. Any car, any color ...

      Maybe the sign could somehow become immortal in xscreensaver ...

  3. I will memorialize this sign with a minute of not casting porosity.

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