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  1. The dear hearts at Gay Shame, making friends and influencing people as always.

  2. JLG says:

    Well, yeah, I'm a bi techie and I hate myself sometimes.

  3. robert_ says:

    What have Techies done to engender such hate?

    BTW I had to give some thought to whether 'Techie' meant those who work in a technical field, e.g. software development, or was the latest shorthand for 'Techno music'. Maybe I'm just getting old.

  4. Thomas Lord says:

    I think Gay Shame doesn't get the credit they deserve.

    Identity politics has always been fraught with its own weaknesses and contradictions but Trauss and her YIMBY pals managed to simultaneously rob of it any real meaning and weaponize it against defenders of low income, particular low-income PoC communities.

    Gay Shame has, in this context, done nothing but bring those chickens home to roost. You say their provocations are facially absurd? Well, gee, you think? Whose face are you looking at in that situationalist mirror, YIMBY?

    That this produces reactions like techies demanding recognition as representatives of the intersectionality of tech and queer identity-based oppression is so painfully out to lunch it's just plain tasty.

  5. Runs with Scissors says:

    I must be pretty self hating then.

    Gay Shame works on the same mentality as Occupy did. It has legitimate anger at the right thing, like the cost of housing being too damn high, and like Occupy, no solution besides mindless anger.

    There is are solutions, they just don't like them. You need to build more vastly housing, make San Francisco a really shitty place to live, enact immigration keep their fellow Americans out, or keep things as they are watch rent prices continue to climb.

    Pick one.

    • Thomas Lord says:

      You sound Very Smart. Are you in tech?

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        The "I must be pretty self hating then" part was my indicating that I am queer in tech. You sound like you have a lot of interesting insights and thoughts about housing crisis in San Francisco, gentrification, anti-capitalist movements, graffiti, art, or any number of things. Please, feel free to share them.

        • Thomas Lord says:

          It's sincerely fabulous that you're queer and that's not the point but since you're here:

          Oh please. You don't know anyone's "mentality". Seems to me Gay Shame has put forward a couple of positive propositions: a) YIMBY activists knock it off! b) Tech in-migrants, reconsider your actions!

          What I really hope you'll think about is where you said this: "There is are solutions, they just don't like them. You need to build more vastly housing, [...]".

          Lemme read part of that back:

          "You need to build [vastly more] housing...."

          I wanna know, who exactly is this:



          "You need to ...."

          I think it's just the shadetree mechanic's bullshit "you" as in "Well, what you got a do there... is you gotta bump your rpms and lower your flange pressure and that should clear up the vapor tremlo in your carb...."

          Your proposition is that if only government steps out of the way, capitalists are going to swoop in and end the displacement, and make room for lower wage workers, return some stability to generations-old communities and they'll do this because..... because that's the "solution"? Really? Uh-huh. Cool.

          Think outside the box, techie. Think about what you've done. :-P

          • Runs with Scissors says:

            YIMBY activist "knocking it off" clearly isn't going to solve anything. They could vanish tomorrow, and housing prices would still just continue to rise. Telling people who live in the area to not live there is also pretty unlikely to work. I these folks probably know that, which circles us back to this just being mindless anger. Go for it. Get it out of your system if that gets you off, but it pretty clearly isn't going to accomplish anything.

            As for my solution, I didn't offer up a method. I said San Francisco needs more housing. If you don't build new housing faster than people move in, prices will either rise, or there will be shortages. If the people moving in are richer than the place they are moving to, the problem gets worse because it drives up prices quicker. Right? We can agree that this is the core problem? We can agree this is currently what is happening?

            If you can't stop the rich people from moving in, which the history of migration within America pretty strongly suggests, you are left with building more housing. How do you suggest we do it? Don't think building more housing is the solution? Okay. What is?

            • Thomas Lord says:

              It's tough to top "clearly".

              • Runs with Scissors says:

                Yes, apparently that is the case. Which brings us back to the original point; mindless anger with no proposed solution that even brushes into the realm of reality is kind of pointless. You are a pretty clear example of this. You can criticize, but have no ability to offer up an alternative. Folks taking your tactic are basically just voting for the continued status quo with no effort to even try and solve the problem. In the case of housing in San Francisco means that prices will just continue to go up as the housing supply stays the same, the population increases, and that increased population is wealthier than the people already living there.

                Criticism without a realistic proposal is just a vote for the status quo. It just means nothing changes and whatever problems you have continue on their trajectory. I guess we know how you vote.

                • Thomas Lord says:

                  > "The "I must be pretty self hating then" part was my indicating that I am queer in tech."

                  Oh, no one can tell. You look fine.

                  • Runs with Scissors says:

                    You sure do have a lot of deep and well articulate thoughts on a lot of topics.