Star Trek Continues has completed it's five year mission

So now you can binge the whole thing. Here's a playlist.

This series was really fantastic. My favorite Star Trek shows are now: TOS, Discovery, Continues and Stargate: Universe.

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  1. I approve of your inclusion of Stargate: Universe. It is the only Stargate show I've watched and I feel like it went away too soon.

  2. Sheila Marie says:

    But you are incorrect because you didn't include DS9.

    • I agree, DS9 would be at the top of my list

    • Well I only watched like the first 2-ish seasons of that before not caring. And this is where everyone's all "but at season 5 it gets great, you quitter!" But I'm a quitter I guess.

      • k3ninho says:

        I didn't see it while it was first released and have yet to attempt DS9 in 82.5 hours but the reflection of contemporary USA views on late-nineties world politics in their species, territories and arcs of their story is a huge turnoff.


      • Aaron says:

        It doesn't get great at season 5 or anywhere else. It gets a little less unwatchable for an hour at a time, here and there.

        • Grey Hodge says:

          Eh. My wife, who has never been a fan of any Trek was hooked in season two. I skipped a lot of season 1 for her sake, and she found it very compelling halfway through season 2. It's an amazing series that is all too relevant to what's going on today.

    • Jan Kujawa says:

      I went back a couple of years ago because I gave up on TV in high school before the Dominion plot line surfaced.
      Odo is a whiny little bitch. The show was horrible. Couldn't make it past the first season.

    • Sheila Marie says:

      Much of my favorite DS9 stuff happens well before S5.(e.g. "Past Tense" parts 1 and 2 happen in S3.) But indeed, much of S1 is painfully bad filler. My partner and I watched the whole series (him for the first time) over the summer and found this guide useful at least in terms of eps to web-surf and talk over vs. pay more attention to.

  3. Leonardo Herrera says:


    Never heard of this thing. The pictures look amazing.
    Glad to see you like Discovery. It feels right to me; they don't take themselves very seriously.

    (Also, Klingon sex.)

    • k3ninho says:

      > (Also, Klingon sex.)

      [trigger warning] [spolier warning]

      I'm settled into my discomfort and accept the circumstances: we must call forced sexual interactions, especially with prisoners and with people over whom we have power, is rape. Got to call it that. Can't duck the horror, notably when the character is shown suffering horrendous PTSD and dissasociation -- check those flashbacks -- because of it.


  4. pavel_lishin says:

    So how much of TOS do I have to binge-watch before this?

    • Aaron says:

      Not a lot. But skip the second episode, which is infuriating garbage in every possible respect. I can only assume jwz is unaware it exists.

  5. Aaron says:

    So, episode two. Wherein Starfleet Command orders Kirk to hand an escaped Orion woman back into chattel slavery of an explicitly sexual nature, and Kirk then, over her desperate pleas otherwise, actually goes and does that thing.

    All but one of the reviews I've found have lauded it as a nuanced and even progressive take on the issues in play, rather than, for example, noting both the moral cowardice and sheer repugnance of such an action, and the fact that it's entirely counter to canon characterization. This is something that even TNG at its moral-relativism wimpiest would weasel out of just up and doing this way, and yet here we are. Not to come over all millennial for a moment, but I literally cannot even right now. And I guess I'm the asshole for having a problem with this? How does that work?

    I really wish someone would take the time to explain this shit, because right now I feel like I can't possibly have woken up in the same world in which I fell asleep last night. Is everyone wearing goatees and dagger-shaped lapel pins all of a sudden and I just haven't noticed? What the fuck is going on right now?

    • jwz says:

      This is something that even TNG at its moral-relativism wimpiest would weasel out of just up and doing this way,

      That may be the case for TNG, but I have been watching a bit of TOS for the first time in forever, and... "Mudd's Women"... Wowwwwww!! I had absolutely no memory of how utterly vile that story is. Lemme recap: Mudd is either a pimp or a slaver, and the women are (voluntarily? ish?) selling themselves into sex slavery to some crusty old miners on perma-sandstorm planet, where literally only three men live. These women are deceitful harlots because they take a magic pill to make themselves pretty. The big moral turnaround at the end is when one of the miners decides that maybe buying an ugly wife isn't so bad after all.

      There is some dark shit out there in the United Federation of Planets that these women are running away from that I did not see in the Starfleet recruiting brochure.

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