In Shadow

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  1. George Dorn says:

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    Lifting The Veil / Cullen Smith6 days ago (edited)
    wowwww this is fucking epic. sharing to Lifting The Veil facebook. thank you. great job. please continue!

    There's gotta be a German word for this feeling I'm having.

  2. Laura says:

    It's a beautiful piece of work. Incredibly incoherent and suffers from a lot of delusional paranoia, but maybe that's the point. About 8 minutes in I was trying not to roll my eyes too much; when they got through the psychedelic chakra sequence I was just wondering what next batshit thing there'd be.

    Some novels over-explain their world systems, good ones leave things to implication and innuendo which allow the writer flexibility and give an opportunity to come back. This one suffers from a weird mix: it's both overly-detailed and overly explained, but then also left too much to implication.

    Either that or I'm just letting all those art history classes stack up too much in my head.

  3. Nick Lamb says:

    Mmm. "In Shadow: A Modern Odyssey". Do we think those responsible have read Homer?

    Isn't there a rule about not reminding people of a better thing during your thing? Like when you're about to title your blog rant "The factory pattern considered harmful" you should read Dijkstra's letter, and think about your rant, and then try something like "I don't like the Factory pattern" (and then very likely delete it because chances are you're no Dijkstra).

    Or the one I see most egregiously, titling "A Modest Proposal" some half-arsed supposedly satirical proposal which is in fact pretty modest compared to literally eating babies which is what Swift suggests.

    I would give this a pass on the title if it seemed to be a long and interesting journey, of any sort, which has become a meaning for the word "odyssey" in English. I guess it's long, in the same sense that 30 seconds of Nyan Cat is "long" but is it even a journey? It's a portfolio piece. "Hire me to do the animations for your conspiracy theory".

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