Ohio, Northernmost State of the Confederacy

Fun fact: Ohio, the latest Southern state to re-dedicate itself to the traitorous armed insurrection by slavers, shares a border with Canada.

When you try to be better about racism but decide you're not really about that life: an American story.

In today's chapter, we go to Franklin Township in Ohio. Now, if you consult your history books, you'll find that Ohio was a Union state during the Civil War. Which makes the fact that the township installed a marker in 1927 honoring Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee all the more peculiar. [...]

Because fools and their Confederate monuments are not soon parted, the Lee monument will be returned to be reinstalled and rededicated. The city of Franklin will also throw in $2,000 to pay for damages sustained during the removal of the marker's plaque.

"In loving memory of Robert E. Lee," the plaque reads. "And to mark the route of the Dixie Highway."

Ah, the Dixie Highway. It's never really far, is it?

True, but I was used to it being a little farther south of the Manson-Nixon line than this.

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12 Responses:

  1. Jon Ault says:

    There’s a Dixie Highway in Michigan, too, north of Detroit.

    Manson-Dixon line?

    • Adolf Osborne says:

      Dixie Highway goes all the way from Detroit to Miami, just like Interstate 75....but different.

  2. Dano says:

    As climate change intensifies, Mason-Dixon migrates north.

    • Elusis says:

      Maybe the warming earth will disrupt its mating and reproduction cycle, and we'll see a drop-off in birth rates to below-replacement levels.

  3. MattyJ says:

    This snippet from the article is the best:

    “I think they should just leave things alone,” said Judy Vullen, who’s lived in Franklin for 45 years and didn’t know the monument existed until it was removed last weekend. ..."

  4. Thermite will fix so many problems

  5. Doctor Memory says:

    As I tell everyone: Ohio is a great place to be from.

    As far the fuck from as possible.

  6. Thomas Lord says:

    My dear yinzer, don't act too innocent. The region of your own legendary origins, shrouded in mystery, is not so - uh - far from Ohio.

    • jwz says:

      What's that got to do with anything?

      • Thomas Lord says:

        The Ohio story reinforces that thing where rabid racism is said to be less than ubiquitous throughout the country; or where it is said to be spreading rather than just coming to the fore.

        • jwz says:

          You know what would have stopped anyone from talking about "The Ohio Thing" though? Not putting back a statue of a slaver.

          • Thomas Lord says:

            > Not putting back a statue of a slaver.

            Yes, mine was a lame gambit in the thread. I'm (fellow yinzer) still in some shock about stories I've learned as an adult about some of what was going on when I was a kid.

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