How children reacted to the ending of 2001, according to a Howard Johnson's Children's Menu

Coincidentally, this is exactly how I reacted to the end of Blade Runner 2049, according to a Howard Johnson's Children's Menu.

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  1. ejelly says:

    Is that actually part of how the movie got marketed back then, having a really surprising "solution" at the end? Wow, would I have been disappointed. When I watched the movie in the 90s, not really knowing much about the ending except maybe that it would be "a bit trippy", I was genuinely surprised and amazed about its beautiful, impenetrable end sequence. But if the general expectation was a surprising solution, like some kind of unpredictable (but entirely graspable!) plot twist... not so sure.

  2. Steve Allen says:

    I think I still have that menu, with my crayon scrawls on it.
    I didn't understand Kubrick's movie until I read Clarke's book.

  3. MattyJ says:

    When I was a kid I could barely comprehend that Snuffy may, or may not be, a figment of Big Bird's imagination. I think my eyes would have bled if I'd seen 2001 at that age.

  4. apm74 says:

    People (Howard Johnson's target market, at least) wore formal dress to the movie theater and everything else was awesome as well in 1968.

  5. Landa says:

    Man, Jupiter sure looks underwhelmed in the right picture...

  6. CJ says:

    I find the dialogue in the left panel is best read in the voices of Fred and Velma.

  7. robert_ says:

    Actually, it comes across as if they walked out but regretted it afterwards so are trying to bluff their way out when asked.