Hipsters and their fixies

I think this might not be a joke:

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6 Responses:

  1. Laura says:

    More than passing resemblance to the Dandy Horse. Which was also mocking hipsters, just, you know, a little under two hundred years ago.

    (PS: I dig the now-visual "Previously" section at the bottom here.)

    • Michael Sternberg says:

      Yes, it sure is weird to look at, and the explanation is in a somewhat stilted academic/lit crit prose.

      But they specifically mention (a) Karl Drais, the inventor of the contraption, and (b) possible application in the area of physical therapy and rehabilitation, which is not that crazy.

  2. I saw a version of this in the early 2000s that was for people with bad knees who wanted to jog.

  3. margaret says:

    dude's on his way to supervise the coding of twitter's community standards algorithms.

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