Anime Floppy Disks


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  1. jer says:

    Also, Zip drives, you insensitive fool.

    • jwz says:

      In what way is a zip disk not a floppy disk?

      • ejelly says:

        Ok, but the CDs in caddies (picture no. 8) are stretching it a bit. Not that I mind...

      • winston says:

        They did seem to be different when El Jobso decided to discontinue floppy drives in Macs and replace them with Zip drives, but what would I know? I do know that trying to insert a 3.5 inch floppy disk into a Zip drive is a recipe for grief. Folding a 5.25 inch floppy in half may work, as may folding an 8 inch floppy in half twice. Would that I had known there was no difference.

      • anon3494 says:

        I figure if 3.5" disks are considered floppy, the floodgates are open.
        I guess as long as the media itself is flexible, everything counts. If bending the media causes permanent plastic deformation or cracks, it isn't floppy.
        How far can you bend a laserdisc before it becomes non-viable?

        • jwz says:

          Since the proper name for 3.5" disks is... "floppy disks"... then yes.

          • anon3494 says:

            Since when do we care about official product names, especially those from IBM? There was two whole generations of properly floppy disks before Mitsumi introduced the rigid 3" QuickDisk (floppy not in the name, you'll note).

        • Jack says:

          3.5" floppies are floppies because the disk inside it that the magnetic data is actually stored on is floppy.

          • anon3494 says:

            ZOMG, when did this place turn into slashdot?
            Yes, man, everybody knows this. And hard drive platters are not floppy, because they are hard. So we call them "hard drives."

      • jer says:

        OK, I remember flexible discs as different from inflexible ones. My mistake.

    • Foone says:

      Hi. I made this tumblr.
      I specifically didn't go SUPERSTRICT on the definition, cause there's not a lot of content for it and there's so many ambiguous floppies.

    • MattyJ says:

      Come for the technical posts, stay for the pedantry.

  2. robert_ says:

    I bet jwz misses floppy disks.

  3. margaret says:

    don't forget star wars disks (and how every IT operations person sees themselves getting ready to do a restore).


    There was only one tape though - I hope that's all there was supposed to be.

    I don't know. The wires were hanging out like that when I pulled it out of the tower. Maybe Cassian fucked it up when he fell down. It should still work.

    • jwz says:

      Data storage in the Star Wars galaxy is extremely physical. There have been many articles about this. I'm surprised they didn't have to wear rollerblades while climbing the tower to power-cycle the wifi modem.

  4. margaret says:

    Are there any words that get people more excited than large-scale, long-term data storage? I fucking doubt it.


  5. Johhny says:

    I've just used this very page to demonstrate to Firefox developers that they use 40 times more CPU than the old Internet Explorer, just to display it with the videos moving.

    I know you don't use the OS on which this happens, and I don't know if you use the browser for which I reported this, even if I am aware that you worked for Netscape, but maybe it's still interesting for you.

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