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DNA Lounge: Wherein we are your one-stop shop for the 5 day Halloween weekend!

Here at DNA Lounge, we take Halloween very seriously. Very seriously indeed. If you are spending any evening this weekend anywhere but here, I sincerely believe you are making a mistake. Allow me to direct you to our fantastic lineup:

  1. Friday: So Stoked: Graveyard

    When someone says Halloween you think candy, and when someone says candy, you think candy rave. Right? There will be so much candy. Sooooo much candy. Ten international headliners. thirty-two acts. thirteen genres!

  2. Saturday: Booootie

    For the 8th consecutive year, it's our massive four room Halloween Booootie! Cash prizes and trick-or-treat goody bags for Best Overall Costume, Best Group Costume and Best Mashup Costume, plus nine DJs and, of course, a certain spooky mashup rock band!

  3. Sunday: Turbo Drive

    SF's ground zero for synthwave brings some neon cyberpunk dystopia to your Halloween weekend, which means one thing: Radical Retro Costumes! Dress up as one of your favorite synthwave and retro icons... DJs in Above and Dazzle, plus live performances by Protector 101, The Encounter and Street Cleaner!

  4. Monday: Death Guild

    Look, it's Halloween weekend. If you say to yourself, "I think this is the weekend to skip the oldest goth party in the nation", I don't think I can help you! It's the Monster DJs of Goth in three rooms spinning all the classics. Also featuring terrifying and hilarious gothic burlesque from Hubba Hubba Revue.

  5. Tuesday: ALL HALLOW'S EVE

    This is it! This is the big one! Now entering our sixteenth year, DNA Lounge brings you the greatest Halloween party in the whole damned world. DJs from the extended DNA family in all four rooms, a massive costume contest, ambient ghostly aerialists and circus syrens throughout the night, gho-gho-ghost dancers, and a spooky early burlesque show upstairs!

Buy your tickets now and skip the line!

Remember, people. It's a marathon, not a sprint. It's going to be a real... death-march... for your liver, your feet and your costumes, but you can make it all the way until Tuesday! We know you can! We believe in you!

In related news, the 2017 SF Bay Guardian Best of the Bay is out, and we won again! Thank you all!

    Best Overall Nightlife Venue: DNA Lounge
    Best Overall Dance Party: Bootie SF
    Best Burlesque: Hubba Hubba Revue

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