Thong-Clad Driver Was Covered In Vaseline

Deputy Beebe made contact with a nearly naked white male driver sitting in the driver's seat.

He noted that the driver had a bikini thong covering his genitals. He observed an opened jar of Vaseline that was nearly empty and noted that the driver had Vaseline covering his hands, upper and lower body parts. He also observed a pornographic magazine in the passenger seat.

He asked Kellerman if he was masturbating while driving and Kellerman stated that he had been masturbating. He noted that Kellerman offered a rag to wipe the Vaseline off of the ID card. He refused Kellerman's 'semen rag' and returned to his patrol car.

Sgt. Niles arrived on scene and carefully completed a vehicle inventory. Sgt. Niles was advised that the driver's area in the vehicle was extremely greasy due to the Vaseline.

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