Voyager Golden Record

My V'Ger swag has arrived, and it's gorgeous! The book and all the various bits and pieces are really cool. It also comes with a sweet slip mat.

I was a little disappointed that the audio download didn't come with the digitally encoded images, because I don't actually own a record player (shut up) but fortunately it's on Soundcloud. (direct download).

Here's a fun story about figuring out how to decode the images:

Unfortunately, I had gotten about this far when someone asked Dr. Frank Drake to explain what the hieroglyphics meant. What was obviously a record stylus had suggested nothing to me. How is an alien Kerbal supposed to know what a record stylus is? Dr. Drake resolved that one quickly enough: a stylus is provided with each spacecraft.

The files he was able to extract are all here.

I'm pretty sure some of these pictures violate the Terms of Service on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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