Today in Mark of the Beast Jurisprudence

Lowering the Bar:

In June, the Fourth Circuit ruled in favor of an employee who objected to having his hand scanned because he said it would brand him with the Mark of the Beast. The EEOC sued on the employee's behalf, saying he was entitled to a reasonable accommodation for his belief that the scanning would mark him as a follower of the Antichrist. The employer refused to let him just enter his ID number on a keypad (which apparently doesn't present the same concern), and actually gave him a letter saying that under its interpretation of Scripture, it would be okay if he scanned his left hand and not his right. He quit instead. The Fourth Circuit said there was no dispute the employee's belief was sincere, and no reason not to accommodate it.

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  1. Eli the Bearded says:

    Say, did you ever hear about the After School Satan Club? (Apparently they call it ASSC for short instead of ASS Club. Missed opportunity.)

    I heard a great radio piece about it a couple of days ago: audio and transcript. Official ASS Club site. Apparently they've been around a couple of years.

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