A showman to the end, his gorilla suits launched a costume empire.

Philip Morris, the one-time circus ringmaster who made gorilla suits in his basement as he built the world's largest costume distributorship, died late Sunday at his Mooresville home.

His time on the road included working as a ringmaster and costumer for the three-ring Royal Hanneford Circus. A sideshow needed a costume for a girl-to-gorilla act, and a specialty was born. [...]

Once on a "ghost show" tour in Canada, Philip Morris somehow got arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police -- while wearing a gorilla suit. Charges were dropped, Scott Morris recalled, but "he wouldn't take the head off the costume until we got to the police agency because he didn't want anyone to know it was him."

In 1967, the company says, a customer named Roger Patterson bought a custom gorilla suit that was used to film the famously grainy footage of a hairy "Bigfoot" striding through the northern California woods. [...]

With Halloween approaching, it's the company's busiest time of year. The 250 employees are shipping costumes all over the world. "I don't know what he was thinking, leaving us at this time of year," Scott Morris joked. "He just passed away last night and at 8 o'clock this morning, I was at work. We have to do what we have to do, and he just loved what he was doing."

Dr. Kingfish
Right? There had better be a statue to this great American.
Obviously he should be buried in a gorilla suit... and the pall bearers should be similarly attired.
Ideally in a banana shaped coffin
Ook ook!
Also he made THE Bigfoot suit!!
Loved that
Hmm... Bigfoot, huh? Lemme just people-up this gorilla suit a little and I'll be right with ya...
Always go to a professional... it'll save you money in the end.
And he didn't snitch! You know he knew! He saw that Super-8 movie and he was like, "Yeah, that's mine."
Right?? That's gorilla suit integrity, that is.
But who would have believed him. He'd have been the guy saying he installed two-way mirrors in John Wayne's house.
True. Still... you gotta admire it. The world must hear his story.
Follow your dreams, kids. And keep the gorilla mask on until you get to the police station. Always.
And out of. And remember, it's like a tuxedo. Once you own one, you find occasions to wear it.
Wise words that I repeat often!
And let's face it, what are you gonna do, rent every time you need one?
That's just bad financial sense.
Don't monkey around.

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  1. Owen W. says:

    What are you using to make these funky faux chat app "screenshots"?

      • valgonzarp says:

        BTW, they suck heavily when reading thw site via RSS reader (I know, right?)

        • jwz says:

          I suppose that depends on how much your RSS reader sucks. The content:encoded of the entry contains the same HTML as you see here, with inline styles.

        • dzm says:

          Turns out web-based RSS aggregators like to throw their own styling on content they consume. They destroy the feeds I get from many locations. I blame the tool, not the feed.

          • jwz says:

            Well if you wanna mess around with it and tell me what CSS it's destroying maybe I can adjust. Maybe it just needs !important on every damned thing.

            • dzm says:

              Nah. Don't do anything on my account for this. Google Reader used to destroy things. Now Feedly destroys things. Like I said, I blame the tools, not the content.

              • jwz says:

                Currently on my todo list is "figure out how MICROS~1 Outlook Exchange Server is destroying the HTML in my weekly mailings. Eye twitch. Eye twitch. Because it's still 1994?

                • dzm says:

                  The MUA I use was having a problem with Outlook destroying its HTML (things like double-CR being truncated into one-CR-wall-of-text). I worked with that developer to do some A/B testing and (eventually) fix the encoding so that Outlook stopped, more or less, destroying the view.

                  If you'd like I'll be happy to point you two at each other. He tends to be really approachable and would probably be happy to briefly outline what _his_ encoding "fuck-you"-from-Outlook was.

  2. MattyJ says:

    In my 20's I had a gorilla suit, and it served me well for many Halloweens. Everyone should have a gorilla suit for a while, they open so many doors. I once got a shout-out from Buck O' Nine to "that drunk gorilla", which was a very cool thing to me at the time. Kinda still is now that I'm reminiscing about it.

  3. I couldn't believe this wasn't linked.


    I wonder if it was one of his?

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