A neural network invents diseases you don't want

Most of these would also make great drink specials.

Ear Poop
Orgly Disease
Occult Finger
Ankle Bladders
Fungle Pain
Cold Gloating
Loon Eye
Black Bote Headache
Excessive Woot Sweating
Defentious Disorders
Cell Conduction
Hammon Expressive Foot
Liver Bits
Metal Ringworm
Eye Stools
Hoot Injury
Hoin and Sponster
Teenager's Diarey
Eat Cancer
Cancer of the Cancer
Horse Stools
Cold Glock Allergy
Testicle Behavior
Spleen Sink
Eye Stots
Floot Assection
Wamble Submoration
Super Syndrome
Low Life
Fish Poisoning
Stumm Complication
Cat Heat
Ovarian Pancreas
8 Poop
Cancer Of Hydrogen
Stress Firgers
Hop D Treat Decease

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8 Responses:

  1. Geoff Smith says:

    I have at least two of these.

  2. I see my next bandname list is ready...
    Dibs on "Cold Glock Allergy"

  3. oranchak says:


    "One of the things Joseph Campbell taught us is to give names to our enemies. I've been diagnosed with several disorders and syndromes and a few conditions and I'd like to say some of them now just as a way to, again, give them less power and to let maybe one of your hundreds of listeners know that, they are not alone, because i'm sure that other people suffer from this as well...

    The following are some of the conditions, syndromes, complexes and general discomforts of me, Bob Ducca"

    Restless leg syndrome
    High Fibre Fibromyalgia
    Hot tub foot. Hot tub foot? Hot Tub foot. Hot tub foot? Hot tub foot. Hot tub foot?
    Lou Gehrig's disease
    Lou Barlow's disease
    Lucy Lu Flu
    Advanced moist shin disorder
    Hyper tolerance to lactose
    Urinary tract infection
    Urinary 8-track infection
    Trickle nipple
    Thick Urine syndrome
    Hapsburg cholera
    Clogged arteries
    Dry lip
    Intestinal colic
    Allergic to indoor toilets
    Sufferer of milk leg
    Loafer rash
    Bone worm
    Selective fatigue syndrome
    Hepatitis R
    Irritable bowel syndrome
    Spastic Ear discharge
    Pubic lice
    Amphibial rabies
    Anglo-centric sickle cell anemia
    Mickey Roonie Sugar babies
    Tarnished Yam symplex
    Swollen perineum
    Chronic shame disorder
    Larval Penis
    Dirt belly
    Parkinson's disease
    Valet Parkinson's disease
    Parallel Parkinson's disease
    Parker Posy Pox
    Pere Oobu
    Canine derived hip dysplasia
    Selective albinism
    Scrotal migraines
    Prolapsed Naval and of course,
    Puff Knuckle

  4. thielges says:

    "Cancer of the cancer " sounds like a cure so long as it does not metastasize.

  5. oranchak says:

    8 Poop is a perfectly natural condition, for those with the Octo-Sphincter upgrade.

  6. Tim says:

    Your title had me worried that the network was actually permuting the DNA to invent new diseases, not just the names.

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