Epic Epoch Fail Redux

FFS, Apple.

diff --git a/hacks/sms-backup-iphone.pl b/hacks/sms-backup-iphone.pl
index 33c57c5c2..dabe9bbe6 100755
--- a/hacks/sms-backup-iphone.pl
+++ b/hacks/sms-backup-iphone.pl
@@ -241,16 +241,21 @@ sub sms_backup_1($$) {

SMSes use normal Unix time_t, with epoch = Jan 1, 1970 GMT.
iMessages use epoch = Jan 1, 2001 GMT.  WTF!
The "service" field is either 'iMessage' or 'SMS', but if it is set
at all, then that means the date is of the other epoch.
     $imsgp = 1 if defined ($h->{service});
+    #
Great news everybody! As of iOS 11, the date is now the number of
+    #
milli nano! nanoseconds since the Satanic Anti-Epoch of Jan 1 2001:
+    $date /= 1000000000 if ($date > 100000000000000000);
     $date += 978307200 if ($imsgp);

     my @lt = localtime($date);
     print STDERR "$progname: IMPROBABLE YEAR: " . localtime($date) . "\n"
       if ($lt[5] < (2005 - 1900) || $lt[5] > (localtime)[5]);

     if ($subj && $text) { $text = "$subj\n$text"; }
     elsif ($subj && !$text) { $text = $subj; }

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Supervisor Shocked to Hear Uber and Lyft Violate Bike and Transit Lanes

Water shockingly remains wet:

Some two-thirds of citations for driving in transit lanes and bike lanes, failing to yield to pedestrians, and other motor vehicle violations, are issued to Transportation Network Company (TNC) cars such as Uber and Lyft -- this according to a study from the police department of violations in downtown San Francisco. [...]

What makes the numbers so shocking, said Supervisor Aaron Peskin, is that they are so disproportionate. "You have one out of four cars being a TNC in the district I represent," he said. "You would think the number of violations would be the same, one out of four, but what you're seeing is the opposite -- almost three out of four are TNC drivers."

"It was really astonishing to see the number of TNCs that routinely use the bike lane as the drop off spot with no regard to the fact that cyclists are using it," said Supervisor Jeff Sheehy, who sits on the committee. He joined a protest for protected bike lanes on Valencia this month.

"These numbers confirm what our members experience on the streets of San Francisco everyday: Uber and Lyft drivers violating the law and threatening the safety of people who bike and walk. Now that SFPD data proves they are doing so in numbers far disproportionate to their share of traffic volume, this should be a wake-up call to the city and the industry," wrote Brian Wiedenmeier, the SF Bike Coalition's executive director, in an email to Streetsblog. [...]

Streetsblog would like to point out that while San Francisco currently has little power to regulate TNCs, aside from continuing to issue citations, it can, obviously, regulate street design. As the human-protected bike lane protests have shown, TNCs aren't an issue when they are physically prevented from stopping in a bike lane. Properly designed protected bike lanes and intersections can make much of this a moot point. And banning private cars from Market Street will make much of this a moot point too -- more so if the Supervisors and SFMTA have the fortitude to ban all cars, instead of just privately owned ones. Continuing to do studies and discuss parking needs, and tearing out unofficial safe-hit posts, instead of installing protected bike lanes as quickly as possible -- not so much.

See also @uberinabikelane, @sfmtra.

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Twitter releases statement confirming it'll never ban Donald Trump

AV Club:

It's just a matter of time before Donald Trump says something on Twitter that gets all of us killed -- and it looks like it'll happen sooner rather than later -- which has convinced a lot of people that he should just be banned from the social media platform. After all, if a regular person were constantly making racist threats and pledging to attack foreign leaders they disagreed with, that person would get banned (or, more likely, people would complain and then literally nothing would happen). Now, through its Public Policy account, Twitter has released a statement confirming that it will never ban Donald Trump from its service for one reason: He's good for business.

Alright, Twitter didn't literally say that, but it was heavily implied. The actual statement is about Trump's tweets being "newsworthy," with Twitter claiming that letting him stay on the platform helps keep people "informed about what's happening in the world." This justification helps absolve Twitter of any responsibility for what Trump does, and it saves the company from having to take any specific stand against anything he might do or say. Also, the thread says that Twitter holds all accounts "to the same rules," which is funny because it's definitely not true.

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