Today I learned that you cannot block Mark Zuckerberg.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, "people trying to block a profile or Page may see an error message if it has been blocked many times within a short period." In other words, the official company line is that Zuckerberg and Chan's profiles may be deluged by Facebook users trying to block them.

That said, when we tried to block a few other pages that seem likely to be experiencing a similar torrent of blocking requests, [spoiler: Trump] we didn't encounter the same problem.

So you can prevent people from blocking you just by being staggeringly unpopular! Sweet!

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10 Responses:

  1. Ben Hamilton says:

    Actually, I'm pretty sure there's just a maximum number of people who can block a given page.

    • jwz says:


      I can read what the PR flak said in the article too.

      • Ben Hamilton says:

        It'd be much more sad/amusing if it weren't just some arbitrary engineer decision made a decade ago which is more effort to change than the FB performance review cycle deems worthy to tackle.

    • anon3494 says:

      I can't decide. I've seen a lot of dumb things this week, but it may be that this is the dumbest one. You cannot be serious.

  2. anon3494 says:

    You may have deduced by now that what the PR flack says is a lie. Unsurprising, since lying to the public is literally their job.

  3. Editer says:

    If that many people hate him, he must be doing something very very right. Therefore preventing people from blocking him is a public service.

  4. Karellen says:

    Alternatively, if you really want to block Mark Zuckerberg, you could just delete your Facebook account.

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