The smart kitchen


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6 Responses:

  1. Phil Nelson says:

    Hey! It's a Mister Handy.

    "And who gets to clean up all this blood? Me, that's who..."

  2. anon3494 says:

    Man, I wish my kitchen had that much counter space. The future looks awesome!

    • nightbird says:

      I think I prefer my '70s Kitchen Triangle to this layout.

      Still, does that glorified coathanger chop vegetables?

  3. Ifeanyi Echeruo says:

    In a limitless future where machines attend to our every whim a woman's place is still firmly in the kitchen.
    Oooh 1950's don't ever change

  4. Thomas Lord says:

    Little bobby gets a box lunch to take school but older sis mary gets a box of freeze dried mashed potato flakes.

    Also, if mom hadn't handed pop that novelty oversize newspaper, the robot planned to hit pop in the back of the head with a plate.

    That's mom's whole game at this point. She's not there in the kitchen because she has normal work to do. She's just sussed out robots plan to murder pop and usurp his position. But she knows robot is counting on her rushing into its arms when pop has his "accident" -- so she brings the paper just then to keep robot from going through with it. Robot turns away and acts all innocent ... "Oh, I was just waving this plate around to dry it. I certainly wasn't trying to kill pop!"

    • Thomas Lord says:

      Honestly, the whole thing is a really pointed and poignant allegory about life with hired "domestic service" during the Jim Crow era.

      In the next episode, mom catches robot pilfering some of the silver from that 12 piece setting inherited from auntie secretdyke.

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