Facebook is happy to do business with nazis and racists on your behalf, because they are wonderful people.

Email I did not enjoy waking up to: "Why are you advertising on Breitbart?"

Apparently if you buy ads on Facebook, for Facebook, they will also push your ads out to nazi sites.

Both Facebook and Google weasel out of their culpability here by making you upload a by-inclusion blacklist: Facebook instructions. Google instructions.

Given that, I am surprised that it is difficult to find a comprehensive list of, "these sites are fucking nazis and you should blacklist them from your ads." Here's one. It seems like this list should be a lot longer. Let me know if you have a better resource.

When one searches for said blacklist, what one finds instead are are ten thousand breathless articles where some brand's PR flunky is quoted saying "we swear we are trying not to advertise with nazis, but the ads keep showing up there anyway and we can't make it stop." So that's awesome.

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Email? That's for old people, right?

Did... did you just text me a funny link by taking a photo of your screen with your phone?
Well you don't have Facebook Messenger so this was the easiest way
What's wrong with File/Share/Messages?
This is a PC, no messages on there besides WhatsApp
Your toy also doesn't have the ability to send email?
How often do you check your email?
Um, always and forever? I get push notifications.
Most people I know only check personal email once a day

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Phish tank

Or, Internet of (fish) Shit:

The fish tank had sensors connected to a PC that regulated the temperature, food and cleanliness of the tank.

"Somebody got into the fish tank and used it to move around into other areas (of the network) and sent out data," said [someone who, with a straight face, calls themself] director of cyber intelligence.

The casino's name and the type of data stolen were not disclosed in the report for security reasons, he said. The report said 10 GB of data were sent out to a device in Finland.

This story has the traditional structure of every urban legend ever, and appears to be sourced to a single press release by company who sell anti-malware software, making it even more suspect. But, it sounds "truthy".

The Mosaic Communications Fishcam was never compromised, for the record.

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Crowdfunded Murder Submarine

Initially, Madsen claimed he'd dropped Swedish journalist Kim Wall off before the sinking and he didn't know where she was.

Now police say Madsen has admitted that Wall died in an accident on his sub and he "buried her at sea."

Madsen was found on August 11th by the Danish Navy following a search for the missing submarine. He initially claimed that he'd dropped Wall off on the shore in Copenhagen Bay on August 10th. Her boyfriend was the first to alert the police that the sub was missing. He told authorities that Wall had left with Madsen in the vessel and had not returned on time. He explained that she was writing a story about the renaissance man for Wired magazine.

Body found as Danish submarine man says missing woman died on board

A headless female torso was found on Monday in the water's edge in Copenhagen, hours after a Danish inventor charged with killing a journalist in his home-made submarine told a court she died on board, police said.

Peter Madsen told the court that Swedish journalist Kim Wall had died in an accident and he had buried her at sea, changing his earlier statement the he dropped her off alive in Copenhagen.

Police later told a press conference that it was still too early to identify the body - missing its head, legs and arms - that was found by a passing cyclist.


"The body bears the mark of having, most likely, been inflicted deliberate damage with the purpose of ensuring that gasses can pass out of the body -- possibly in an attempt to avoid that a body rises from the seabed," Møller said. [...]

Danish police said that in light of the findings they would look afresh into unsolved cases such as the murder of a Japanese tourist in 1986. Body parts of 22-year-old Kazuko Toyonaga were found in plastic bags at separate locations in the waters outside Copenhagen almost a month after the student disappeared on her travels through Scandinavia.

Update 2:

Divers found bags containing her head, legs and clothing in Koge Bay, just south of Copenhagen, the city's police inspector Jens Moller Jensen said. [...] "In the same bag laid a knife, and there were some car pipes to weigh the bag down," he said. [...]

Danish Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen told a court earlier this month that footage of women being decapitated alive had been found on a hard drive believed to belong to Mr Madsen.

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Transplant Recipients Hold Their Own Hearts

Unceremoniously lifting the surgical cloth that covers the heart, Roberts describes what he sees. The history of the heart is there, incontrovertibly embedded in the organ. Most are cocooned in hard yellow fat. [...]

Murtha awoke in an intensive care unit, with a new heart bounding in his chest. His old heart went first to the pathology lab for an autopsy. At that point, Roberts claims, "99.5 percent of hospitals throw the hearts away. They just don't have the space to keep them." Baylor is different, however. Their lab contains thousands of hearts in permanent storage, making it one of the most extensive cardiac research facilities in the world. The availability of these organs creates a unique opportunity for a program like Heart-to-Heart. [...]

Hendrix had expected to see something "black and shriveled, probably three times the normal size, and just jello-like."

Bell had expected a big red ideograph, "like when you open a Valentine's card."

"It wasn't like that at all though," he continued. "What it reminded me of, was a piece of roast beef."

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jwz mixtape 186

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 186.

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As far as I could tell, the plot of this show was:

Noodle around for 7 episodes doing nothing of consequence, then decide to Fight Club a building into a hole, because there are dinosaur bones down there, and if you grind them up and put them in your tea like tiger penis it will make you immortal. Also earthquakes, because reasons?

(If that's a spoiler, then I'm happy I spoiled it for you. I have done you a service by saving you time.)

I mean, aside from being the most reactionary, conservative example of the superhero protagonist problem ever, does no one even consider that immortal dinosaur viagra might be something that one of the various superscience hospitals owned by Stark or by The Privileged Iron-Bro might want to get on a god damned slide?

This show was so lousy, even Jessica Jones didn't redeem it. I may have to go re-watch Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 to get the Bad Brofist taste out of my mouth.

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Birkhoff's Sweet-Ass Laptop, 1997

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W.I.T.C.H. Boston

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