Illuminati DNA, Represent. 440 Hz.

Freemasons And Illuminati Are Using A Special Frequency To Change DNA And Make People Hate Trump

Last week, "firefighter prophet" and right-wing conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor appeared on Sheila Zilinsky's radio program, where he warned that the Freemasons and the Illuminati are using a Satanic frequency to change people's DNA in order to make them oppose President Trump.

"I believe what happened on November 8 is the enemy has literally sent out a frequency," Taylor said, "and it agitated and took control, basically, of those who have their DNA turned over to the enemy. That's what's happening. The Illuminati, the Freemasons, all these people, their main goal is to change the DNA of man and they're doing it through these frequencies."

Taylor claimed that he is getting "bombarded with emails" from Christians who are being isolated by their friends and families because of their support for Trump and that is "because their DNA is being controlled by the enemy."

Taylor said that the media is broadcasting its audio at 440 Hz, which has been found to "damage your body organs" and "also changes your DNA, which is the goal of the Freemasons, the Illuminati; they want you part of that Illuminati bloodline."

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15 Responses:

  1. Jim Sweeney says:

    Ow! My body-organs!

  2. Alex says:

    Isn't that an A in standard tuning? runs down street striking tuning fork

  3. Licaon_Kter says:

    Oh, dumb illuminati... it's 432 not 440!!!



  4. Web Guy says:

    He stole the plotline from Condemned 2: Bloodshot, which probably stole it from somewhere else...

  5. Injector says:

    Last I heard it was the Nazis who insisted on the 440 Hz tuning. I don't know what to believe now.

  6. jwb says:

    Imagine how much DNA you can control with a frequency sweep.

  7. anon3494 says:

    I'm trying to wrap my head around what "broadcasting its audio at 440 Hz" could even mean.

  8. Line Noise says:

    Surely 666Hz would be the Satanic frequency.

  9. Ark says:

    I give this an "A"

  10. MrEricSir says:

    Ah, so that explains it!

  11. jrrs says:

    So, basically, anyone who has been to an orchestra concert.

  12. James says:

    My favorite Wikipedia edit of all time was when I changed the Illuminati intro to say they were feminists. The hoax stood for a year and a half, during which Katy Perry's videos were awesome.

  13. voidnill says:

    Only the DNA?

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