"Greed, which they've branded as Liberty"

As cockroaches scurry for the darkness, so do the Nazis

The major social media sites have been making some weak, token efforts to clean up the racism and sexism endemic to places like Twitter and Facebook, but so far it's been feeble. [....] We know, however, that Twitter and Facebook could prohibit hate speech, because they already do in France and Germany. It's a conscious plan to allow Nazis to flourish in American social media. Why?

In an article about alternative social media, there's a hint. The white nationalists, the Nazis, the MRAs, the general bottom-feeding trash of the internet, are getting worried about the few examples of evicted Nazis, and so are building their own new brands: a chat network called Gab, and there's something that is an alternative to Patreon that is, amusingly, openly called Hatreon, for people who want to get paid for hating. If you're wondering why American companies are so reluctant to block online hatred, one answer is that American tech workers have a high proportion of haters. [...]

But why? Why would American computer programmers drift towards Naziism? I think there's an answer to that, too. They're saturated in triumphal capitalism, and in particular, Libertarianism, which is the gateway drug to full-blown greed, which they've branded as "liberty". [...]

They don't care about race or gender. That usually means they don't care about the inequities constructed around race and gender, because they're mostly white men who have got theirs already. They also claim to not believe in ideology, even to be ideology-free, while not noticing that they're soaking in a particularly ugly ideology.

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19 Responses:

  1. "But why? Why would American computer programmers drift towards Naziism?"

    Previously: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dehomag

  2. I saw the title and thought it was going to be about Hurricane Harvey

  3. Web Guy says:

    Not a big fan of MRAs or libertarians, but to lump them in with nazis and white supremacists is sloppy and beyond the pale.

    As galling as it may be to get proselytized about Ayn Rand by someone whose mom is still buying their groceries, that's still several orders of magnitude beneath genocide.

    • jwz says:

      Here is my rebuttal: fuck you.

    • anon3494 says:

      I believe Ayn Rand allowed for parents to care for their children, as long as it is ultimately done for selfish reasons. Like for example if you need leverage on them to use in exchange for possible future adult-diaper-changing duties.

    • MattyJ says:

      The article, which I'm sure you read in full, says 'gateway drug' vis a vis libertarianism->Nazi. It's the first step in that direction, if one chooses to follow that path long enough.

      • Web Guy says:

        and you believe that?

        • MattyJ says:

          We're not taking about what I believe, we're talking about what the words in the article mean and misrepresentations on thereof.

          • Web Guy says:

            Just like it says beneath the harley davidson ad:

            ...saturated in triumphal capitalism, and in particular, Libertarianism, which is the gateway drug to full-blown greed...

    • Russ says:

      I'm not a fan of Nazis or white supremacists, but to lump them in with MRAs is sloppy and beyond the pale.

  4. Thomas Lord says:

    I'm shocked! Shocked to learn that the technicians who operate the mass surveillance infrastructure have fascist tendencies.

  5. anon3494 says:

    Haters gonna hate. Hate. Hate.

    • k3ninho says:

      You can't* just shake it off: haters always stamp your face face face.

      *: tbh dunno, you might be their in-crowd or rich enough to keep them out of your gated community, streaming TV channels or social media bubble.


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