Facebook is happy to do business with nazis and racists on your behalf, because they are wonderful people.

Email I did not enjoy waking up to: "Why are you advertising on Breitbart?"

Apparently if you buy ads on Facebook, for Facebook, they will also push your ads out to nazi sites.

Both Facebook and Google weasel out of their culpability here by making you upload a by-inclusion blacklist: Facebook instructions. Google instructions.

Given that, I am surprised that it is difficult to find a comprehensive list of, "these sites are fucking nazis and you should blacklist them from your ads." Here's one. It seems like this list should be a lot longer. Let me know if you have a better resource.

When one searches for said blacklist, what one finds instead are are ten thousand breathless articles where some brand's PR flunky is quoted saying "we swear we are trying not to advertise with nazis, but the ads keep showing up there anyway and we can't make it stop." So that's awesome.

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10 Responses:

  1. Jan Kujawa says:

    Skynet is going to arise from the digital equivalent of a biofilm scum clinging to the inside of an ad network.

  2. the hatter says:

    At least your diligence will be rewarded in fewer wasted impressions.

    Google should do better. And fuck facebook, of course.

    Surely there's some tiny amount of money to be made here, curating a blocklist until they are shamed into at least culling the top 50% directly. I should place a few banner ads to drum up business.

    the hatter

  3. Zygo says:

    Google seems to have content exclusions which include (among other things) "discrimination and identity relations" which sounds a bit like Nazis...but only for videos. And they pick the sites. Somehow. For non-video ads, they'll filter out a number of things (Juvenile, gross, and bizarre, or heavy use of profane language)...but not Nazis.

  4. Mario says:

    At this rate, there will be more Nazis next year than in 1939.

  5. Paul Hoffman says:

    Kudos for the drink name! It would be better if it had Jello in it, of course...

    • thielges says:

      Nazi punch: $11
      Nazi punch and a Jello Biafra shot: $15

      ... or make it $16 so the customer gets a fistful of ones for tipping.

      • thielges says:

        California Über Ales Us : half Anchor Liberty and half Fieldwork IPA du jour

  6. Mbourgon says:

    Why not make that the ad? "Nazi Punch" + the address. What's the worst case, you offend the site owners running your ad?,

  7. MattyJ says:

    While it's not precisely an easy-to-digest list of URL's, I occasionally fall into a click hole at the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate map: https://www.splcenter.org/hate-map

    You can filter by "Neo-Nazi" and at least get a list of keywords and names to stay away from. It's a pretty fun map.

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