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A holy relic from Mark Mothersbaugh's archives:

The De-Evolution of Chi Chi Rodriguez:

"And then about two days later, we get this call. And it's a big crisis," Jerry says. The call was from the vice president of business affairs for Warner Brothers. "David Berman, who was a guy that you would cast in a movie about the music business," Jerry continues. [...] And the first communication is, 'I'm a golfer and I'm a fan of golf and I know Chi Chi Rodriguez. I've met Chi Chi Rodriguez. You cannot use Chi Chi Rodriguez.'"

"That is completely and totally false," Berman tells me.

I told you not everybody's memory is crystal clear regarding this story.


"It was an artist's rendering of what the last four presidents would have looked like, had you combined them," Jerry says. So Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford all mashed together. It was a picture Mark Mothersbaugh had lying around. "And it was this hideous, bizarre face that had John Kennedy's hairline and it had Lyndon Johnson's ears and Richard Nixon's nose," Mark says. [...] It was like building an old Mr. Potato Head toy. They grafted Johnson's ears and Nixon's nose on Chi Chi's head, reversed the mouth.



"Hello, Chi Chi Rodriguez?" I ask.

"Yeah, who's this?"

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  1. Leonardo Herrera says:

    That was a weirdly fun read.

    "We chuckle. We have to have that," Jerry says. "And, of course, golf was almost symbolically like the most lame, kind of, you know, bourgeois pursuit that you could have, especially at that time. Unless your parents were rich, you didn’t get to go golfing."


    And in possibly the most diabolical, Devo twist of all, Jerry Casale, he’s a big golf fan these days. Watches it on TV all the time.

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