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This week's Nazi Internet round-up

Options for neo-Nazis on the internet are starting to shrink

Yet the decision of web providers yanking services and ejecting Nazi scumbags is apparently a controversial and unprecedented issue. It would appear that until now, like Trump, internet companies like Facebook and Cloudflare have not shared the instinctive moral revulsion most Americans, Europeans, and British feel toward white supremacists and neo-Nazis. [...]

It should be noted that press has simultaneously noted that hate groups and white supremacist memes "thrive, even in wide open, public communities" on Facebook. Don't worry, it's still a clean, well-lit place for fascism: Facebook still defends Holocaust denial as free speech as its policy, despite the fact that it is illegal in 16 countries because it is linked to violence against Jews. [...]

The problem is that the same companies we're cheering at to take a bite out of Nazi privilege and access are the same companies whose takedown and censorship processes are muddy -- which is what gives them play to censor people they simply don't want on their services. Like people who work in the sex industry, and LGBT people, who are most often silenced at the censorship end of these policies. One need only read the news over the past several years to see that legitimate voices get silenced online far more than those of aging skinheads and young Nazis.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein it's "Best Of" time, we have some great shows, and I list certain grievances.

It's time for The Guardian's Best of the Bay so go vote for us, ok? We live for validation. Applicable categories include:

  • Best Late-Night Restaurant: DNA Pizza
  • Best Pizza: DNA Pizza
  • Best Overall Bar: DNA Lounge
  • Best Performance Space: DNA Lounge
  • Best Live Music Venue: DNA Lounge
  • Best Overall Nightlife Venue: DNA Lounge
  • Best Overall Dance Party: Bootie SF
  • Best Rock Club: DNA Lounge
  • Best Burlesque: Hubba Hubba Revue

Let me draw your attention to a few upcoming events:

Next Friday, Kristeen Young, City of Women & The Bedrooms. Kristeen played here a couple of months ago, and it was a fantastic show -- though rather under-attended. So don't make that mistake again! This is going to be great. Also, check out that amazing poster. You can't really tell from the picture, but the text at the bottom is hand-drawn with puffy-paint. CSS doesn't have a "puffy" attribute yet.

The following Friday, Tom Gun Live! It's the new show from the Point Break Live folks, and it will have even more audience participation this time: they're picking six audience members instead of just one. Now, you might be thinking, "But I don't give a shit about Top Gun or Tom Cruise", but seriously, that doesn't matter. This show is going to be hilarious. These guys have a track record on that. Two shows, early and late!

Hey, how's DNA Pizza delivery going? I'm glad you asked It's still a clusterfuck! All of these ordering and delivery companies have some of the most egregious customer service of anyone we've ever dealt with. I mean, we're talking "Comcast" bad. With every one of them, our interactions go like:

  • "We wish to subscribe to your service please."
  • "We're sending you yet another dedicated iPad, it should arrive in two weeks. Good luck finding somewhere to stick it!"
  • "The iPad is here and configured, why aren't we listed on your site?"
  • "Ok, it's all set up!"
  • "No it isn't, we're still not listed on your site."
  • "Ok, that should be fixed within 48 hours!"
  • "I see our listing now, but it won't let me click 'Order'."
  • "Ok, That should be fixed within 48 hours!"
  • "I clicked order, but you never sent us the order."
  • "That should be fixed within 48 hours!"
  • "You sent us the order but your driver never arrived."
  • -- Crickets --

Currently we are engaged in this dance with Doordash, since they appear to be the only delivery company who will deliver food after 11pm (and historically, at least half of our orders happened between midnight and 4am). But we have done this same dance with literally every delivery company we've ever dealt with. They are all this bad! I can't fathom how any of them have customers. Oh wait, it's because they're all equally bad so you don't have any choice.

So currently, if you're trying to have pizza delivered, I think that's working before 11pm, via Grubhub. Maybe.

Also both of our espresso machines are broken again, the one on 11th Street, and the spare that we haven't sold yet from CW. The repair company we've been using has made multiple extremely expensive passes at both of them without solving the problem. So that's awesome. So we're giving up on the actual espresso machine repair company and taking them to the Vespa Guy instead, who is more likely to be able to fix them, but takes a really, really long time.

I have no idea what's wrong with either of them. I mean, I've heard people say words, but as far as I can tell everyone who diagnoses an espresso machine goes directly from "Is it plugged in?" to "It must be the pressure vessel", and later the actual problem turns out to have been something else entirely.

So I hope you don't expect our so-called cafe to have espresso drinks. Sigh.

We're still trying to sell the Codeword liquor license, and for some reason nobody wants to buy it. These things are supposed to be a permanently hot property due to the fact that, like matter and energy, new ones cannot be created, they just move around forever. But we're getting no bites. All the people who know about such things explain it thusly: "Wow, that's really strange." So if you know someone who wants to buy a liquor license, point them our way, ok? We could really use the money.

Past shows!

It's been a while since I've posted a photo gallery update.

The Magnettes were really fun -- and literally 6 people showed up. They were troopers, though: they just gave up on the stage and used the whole Above DNA dance floor for their show instead. I think "intimate" is the euphemism for that. So I tried to tell myself, "Ok, their first album just came out, maybe they're not that well known yet", but a week later, they are posting pictures on their Instagram of them on stage at festivals in front of tens of thousands of people. So I guess we just suck.

We've also had a couple of irritating booking agent interactions lately. The first one went like this:

  • "Hello agent, we would like to book your artist ___"
  • "No tour plans at this time, we'll let you know."
  • Months later: "I see ___ has an album coming out soon, we'd still like to book them."
  • "No tour plans at this time, we'll let you know."
  • Literally two weeks later: they announce their tour, and they're playing at a different local club, having not even given us a chance to bid.

That kind of shit happens constantly, but the next one was particularly awful:

  • "Hey agent, I see your artist ___ is touring again. We hosted them last time, and we overpaid you and took a bath on that show, but we think they're great so we're willing to try again."
  • We work out the details, agent says: "Great! We're confirmed! You can announce tomorrow!"
  • "Hey, I was just about to announce the show, so why do I see that other-local-venue just announced this show on the same date?"
  • "Oops."

Yeah, we literally got an "oops" from the agent. Not a "sorry". Not, "I can't believe I fucked up like that, I'll totally make it up to you." But "oops".

The FM-84 + The Midnight show was both very good, and sold out, though, so there's that! I'm glad synthwave is catching on.

Here's what else you missed:

The Magnettes
Fit For An Autopsy

Hubba Hubba State Fair
The Purple Ones
FM-84 + The Midnight

Bay Area Death Fest
Fury + Gag
Super Action Hubba

And finally: please enjoy jwz mixtape 185.


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