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DNA Lounge: Wherein we have discovered an amazing new form of sludge.

Well, we're all moved out of Codeword. We spent a couple of days consolidating all of our equipment, moving the best of it over to DNA Lounge and prepping the remainder for sale or for the dump.

Most notably, this means that DNA Pizza gets an upgraded oven. The newer oven from Codeword was both smaller and yet higher capacity than our old oven. It also seems to hold its heat more consistently, and I think the pizza crusts are coming out with a better crispiness. Let us know what you think!

We also swapped a bunch of other gear: coolers, refrigerators, amps, speakers. But one refrigerator in particular... oh, man.

The fridge on the back wall of the pizza bar, underneath the alcohol shelves, has been flaky for years. It was here when we moved in, and we've had to repair the compressor repeatedly. So it was time to swap it out for a new one. We thought we could sell the old one, since the countertop appeared to just be sitting on top of it, so the plan was: tear off countertop, slide old fridge out, slide new fridge in.

But no.

Apparently when some previous tenant originally built this bar, what they did was, they bolted a steel frame to the floor and then welded the refrigerator to that. That is some unprecedented confidence in the lifetime of a refrigerator. So we had to tear the thing apart to get it out.

But also: you may have noticed that the back bar was at a jaunty angle. For some insane reason, they decided to angle the fridge, making the counter way deeper than it would ever need to be, and also leaving a 2'×4' triangular void between the fridge and the wall. It was completely hidden and inaccessible under the counter... but apparently not water-tight.

Also there's a floor drain back there. Equally hidden and unreachable, and completely blocked. This is apparently where the beer taps were draining.

I will spare you the photos of what we found there, but someone said, "I think that's the same stuff that was in the microwave at the end of Time Bandits."

Devon accidentally stepped into the drain. He had to throw that shoe away. I'm surprised he didn't burn it. And his foot. And maybe the whole leg, just to be safe.

So that could have maybe, just maybe, been a part of our fruit fly problem, do you think?

Wheels! All kitchen and bar equipment on wheels! Always!


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