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  1. Line Noise says:

    Give me those over a Banksy anyday!

    • jwz says:

      Well, I'm not going to pit the two against each other, since they have little in common, but do you realize that what you said sounds a lot like, "Why can't art just be cute and whimsical instead of political and angry"? I'm sure that's not what you meant, because that would be a pretty douchey position to take.

      • tfb says:

        Of course, the art establishment (or at least some of its mouthpieces) regard Banksy as cute and whimsical. Apparently he is too easy to understand: liking him is proof of our stupidity.

        • Nick Lamb says:

          Pieces like this one are basically the pre-Internet equivalent of that inevitable Youtube comment asserting that literally whatever it was is "lame" and "sucks". Sub-editors should probably long since have been empowered to scrawl "De gustibus non est disputandum" across any such column that's not a critical review of current material and cancel the writer's submission as noise.

          • tfb says:

            That's what I was referring to of course. Unfortunately some of the articles he writes are quite smart so it's not safe to just write him off.

      • Not Frank says:

        Not saying it is in any way within an order of magnitude (or more) of Banksy, but there is something about taking the ugly and ignored aspects of infrastructure and making them eye-catching instead that does say something about societal priorities.

      • Line Noise says:

        It wasn't my intention to sound douchey. I was just being appreciative of the sort of brain that can look at a gas meter and see a crab or a bollard and see an octopus because I don't have a brain like that.

        Political art has its place although I feel that the commercialisation of Banksy has somewhat undermined his message. Or maybe it's just a level of irony that I can't comprehend. My art leanings certainly do tend towards the cute and whimsical end of the spectrum. My favourite musician is "Weird Al" Yankovic. Bouncing Cow is my favourite XScreensaver hack.

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