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DNA Lounge: Wherein Codeword is Kaput.

That's it, Codeword is closed. RIP CW Nov 2015 Jul 2017.

Thanks to all of the promoters who made a go of it, to the customers who actually showed up, and to all of our staff who put up with this disaster.

(I'm trying not to be overly negative or cynical here, but hey, they say write what you know.)

By the numbers:

Total events: 322 (3.5 events per week, not counting happy hour)
Total DJs: 522
Total bands: 94
Total guests: about 25,000

That comes out to an average of about 275 guests a week, which is less than half of what we would have needed for the business to break even.

I just put the website into permanent cryosleep. I've never had to do that with a web site before.

It's strange to think that if there's any lasting legacy at all to the work we put in there over the last two years, it might be only the few weeks of research that I spent building the calendar and flyer archive of the Covered Wagon Saloon days.

We are packing up and moving out on Monday and Tuesday. This means that DNA Pizza on Eleventh Street will be closed on Tuesday, since we're moving the (newer, better) pizza oven from Codeword over to the Eleventh Street location, and that's a pretty time consuming process, including needing to give the old oven six hours to cool down first.

In all this time, only one person that I know of discovered the hidden meaning of the Codeword logo, and I gave him a big hint first. I guess I'll just leave it like that. No spoilers.

Anyway, once more into the breach. Long Live DNA Lounge.


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