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Sat, Jul 01:   Dollyrots @ Bottom of the Hill
Sun, Jul 02:   Hoodslam @ DNA Lounge
Wed, Jul 12:   The Revolution after party @ DNA Lounge
Thu, Jul 13:   Pig @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Jul 14:   FM-84, The Midnight @ DNA Lounge
Sun, Jul 16:   Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge @ DNA Lounge
Wed, Jul 19:   Dorkbot @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Jul 21:   Freq.Fest.SF @ Codeword
Fri, Jul 21:   Torres @ Rickshaw Stop
Mon, Jul 24:   Wolf Alice @ Rickshaw Stop
Tue, Jul 25:   Astronomy on Tap @ DNA Lounge
Tue, Jul 25:   Last Internationale @ DNA Lounge
Wed, Jul 26:   Bebe Huxley, Pixel Memory, Moon Ensemble, Vice Reine @ Elbo Room
Sat, Jul 29:   Ella Vos, Exes, Sumif @ Swedish American Hall
Sun, Jul 30:   Kitten @ Rickshaw Stop
Fri, Aug 04:   Kristin Kontrol @ Rickshaw Stop
Fri, Aug 25:   Rabbit Quinn @ Cafe Du Nord
Mon, Aug 28:   San Cisco @ Great American Music Hall
Wed, Sep 13:   Perturbator @ DNA Lounge
Sat, Sep 16:   Goldfrapp @ Warfield
Sun, Sep 24:   Invsn @ Bottom of the Hill
Tue, Oct 17:   Tei Shi @ Rickshaw Stop
Thu, Dec 07:   Pixies @ Fox

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It's been a while since I've seen it, but Rock and Roll High School was set during WW2, right?
And Ballroom Blitz was about the actual blitz?
It was closer to WWII in years than we are currently close to that movie. That's horrifying.
If I remember it right, The Ramones get sent off to the country for safety and end up in Narnia.
Yes. That is exactly the plot of RRHS.
And then Dee Dee sells them all out for a hit of Turkish Black Tar Delight.
And Iggy Pop plays the White Witch.
No, Tilda Swinton plays the White Witch, and she looks exactly the same then as today.
Iggy plays Mr Tumnus.
"Ok yew little aaaaaaasholes..."

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