Webshit Weekly on Uber


  • An asshole quits his job. Hackernews absolutely explodes, because Uber's business model ("fuck you and your laws") aligns perfectly with Hackernews' most firmly-held convictions. Many thousands of words are deployed to explain carefully to each other that a jitney-cab with a smartphone app is the most monumental societal development in the history of humanity, and that it is absolutely criminal that a man should be forced out of his cushy job for trivial transgressions like "building an entire corporation on the idea that women are not people" and "abusing your own employees." Most Hackernews hold the opinion that this one person leaving the company will destroy the company, never pausing to wonder how great the place must be if one asshole going home is all it takes to burn everything down.

Honorable mention:

  • An idiot gets robbed by a jitney driver. Hackernews, seeing that the idiot pursued legal remediation and succeeded, decides that everything the idiot did was totally wrong, and they have all the right answers. In addition, Hackernews concludes that Uber was unfairly treated by everyone involved and should have been allowed to lie to the police.

  • A cybersecurity company peddles its services. Hackernews opines that everything is fine because most of this data was public to start with. Some Hackernews spend a while playing fantasy football with the constitution of the United States. The rest spend all day explaining to each other why personal data must be protected at all cost, except when it interferes with internet advertising.

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3 Responses:

  1. Rich says:

    "explain carefully to each other"

    This is some exceptionally well deployed shade.

  2. zztr says:

    > Amazon buys some grocery stores. Hackernews pontificates about the social implications of this uninteresting development.

    "uninteresting." Au contraire. This is the AOL Time Warner deal part deux. Stay tuned.

  3. cryptomail says:

    Don't change jwz, ever. *joy emoji&

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